This must be an error on the Amsoil web site..

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Nov 28, 2002
Triad, NC
If you look at the CCS viscosity (ASTM D 2602) of Amsoil ATO 0W-30 on Amsoil's web site it reads 5520 !!! That surely should be 2520 I assume .......... 5W-30 ASL has 2555 ..... and 10W-30 ATM has 3444
I got this info from the Amsoil web site ....... there are more typos in this area for other oils too .......
Check the temp where the reading is taken. It will explain it all. Unless Amsoil has opted for a slick marketing company that will just publish spec's without understanding the significant conditions.

Current specs for the 10w-30 on the new sheet I have show vis @ -25C is 3097 Cp. The spec sheet for the 0w-30 is up to date, but the one for the 5w-30 has not been updated. It still shows the CCS viscosity tested @ -25C, when it should be -30C ....I'd estimate vis @ -30C for the 5w-30 to be approx 3800 Cp, based on the old data.

For a PAO based synthetic, the general rule is that the CCS viscosity will increase by a factor of 1.7 for every 5C drop in temp. This allows you to convert viscosities to different temps. For a petroleum oil, you multiply by a factor of 2.0 for every 5C drop in temp.

I'm a bit confused...should the cold cranking ASTM be ASTM D5293 or ASTM D2602?

What's the diff?

ASTM D5293 is the one with 0w is @ -35C, for 5w @ -30C, for 10w @ -25C.

What does D2602 say?

ASTM D2602 is the old name for the ASTM D5293 test protocol - they are exactly the same test....

The standard, CCS test temps did change, when the "SAE J-300" standard was revised (in June of 2001, as I recall). At that time, the standard test temps for all SAE grades was lowered by 5C, and the max viscosity allowable changed from 3500 Cp in most cases to 6200-7000 Cp, depending on SAE grade. For example, max allowable for 0w-xx oils is 6200 Cp @ -35C ...for 10w-xx oils is 7000 Cp @ -25C.

Oil specs are jointly developed by a group composed of the API, the SAE and the ASTM.

API = American Petroleum Institute
SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers
ASTM = American Society for Testing and Materials
ACEA = Euro version of API (formerly CCMC)
DIN = Euro version of ASTM
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