Thinking of selling my Cavalier

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Jan 12, 2007
I've had this car since it was new (5 miles on it) and am considering after 111,171 miles of selling it. I wrote a list similar to ones I saw in library books on buying/selling cars yourself for and against selling it. Here is my list:

For Keeping it:
1) Car is paid for
2) Convenience of 2 cars.

For Selling it:
1) Needs painted again
2) Insurance
3) Gas
4) Future repairs it will need being 10 years old
5) Would not be worth anything trading it in when I could afford to look (already have my wife's impala we're paying on)
6) Have to get all 4 tires replaced eventually.

The books said if the "keep it" list is smaller than the "sell it" list, then to sell.

I do need to get new brake lines on it first (I won't sell it like that), a couple new front signals (thanks whomever mentioned rock auto on these forums), and replace one tire and wheel (I already have the wheel. I'll just get another Douglas from W-mart). As most everyone knows from my postings on the oil forums I change my oil 3000 miles/3 months give or take.

What would be a decent starting price to go down from? I was thinking $2000.
What year? I had a 99 Cavalier for a little while. Loved that car for just buzzing around town to do errands.
what year? will you be replacing it?

If you are selling it and not replacing it, then sell. If you are going to buy another car, it is not likely that youll find something super-good, with no need for similar repairs, and nothing coming up, for decent money.

If you trade in your car now, youll also get nothing for it - better off to extract all value.

Id extract more life from it, then go and buy new again.

At the same time, something is ver wrong if after only 111k, your car needs another paint job and new brake lines... perhaps you get a lot of salt?
My gf has an 02 Cav w/2.2 OHV she bought new and with almost 90k its been an excellent car with only needing a fuel pump and backup light switch. The probs you have a mainly routine maintenance and it is much cheaper to maintain that it is to purchase. Id keep it.
I'll try to post a pic as my wife is the one with computer savvy. It's a 2000, and It's got surface rust, but I won't be replacing it right away. My wife's Impala is still being paid for. We'd use some of the money to that end. The rocker my father in law replaced with a piece he made, but there are still other sections on each side and end of the car I'll have to deal with if I keep it. I had to replace the fuel pump at 65,000.
A 9 year old with needs doesn't have a lot of market value, I'm afraid. If you can fix the problems, it might be worth $2000-2500. Most of the cars like it in Atlanta are in that $2000-3000 price range.

If you can live without a second car, and can't afford the upkeep of the Cavi, then clean it up and sell it. There is always a ready market for inexpensive cars around $2000.
I would keep it also. I have a 2002 since new (son has it now) and it never gave me a problem, but I'm picky about maintenance. The fuel pump problems can be avoided by changing the filter every 25K. Our 2002 is an OHV 5 speed. I think it's a good idea to keep an old car around for a backup.
Sell it if you're bored of it. Seems like you're trying to talk yourself into it.

Why is gas a minus? You'll have to feed the impala more, and the inconvenience of having one car will mean shuttling it around or you around to it... wasting gas.
Having a car that is paid for that has cosmetic issues is not an issue. You wanna go to a ball game or the mall and worried about door dings? No problem. The maintenance and upkeep is cheaper than new car payments.
For Practicality keeping it makes sense.
Excluding neccessities do you want something different specifically? If so can you comfortably afford it. IF it is a want and you can afford it them you got a good run out of the cavalier.

option 3 if you have a "want' and would have to finance it, wait. Keep the cavalier running for its utility and save the cash to pay for what you want. It took me too long to figure out that saving is easier and cheaper than financing.
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I sold it today to my brother for my sister in law to use for winter. I put some of the $ in the bank so I can get a couple payments down on the '03 impala and so I can get a new wheel for it before we get new tires for it in the fall.
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