The Hording Must Stop!!!

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Jun 17, 2002
High Springs, Florida
Please, folks! It has taken me almost a year to find GC here in Florida. If folks didn't horde so much it might be easier to find. Set an an example.
I was nice the other day, and only bought five quarts,
instead of cleaning the whole rack out.

Sure, I have a few extra quarts on hand, but this weekend when all the "one lungers" get changed out, I'll have just enough to do the wifes car in 4000 miles.
Pick, I'm very sorry that GC is hard to find in your area. But I fear that soon it will be hard to find anywhere. If fact, it would appear that the final true green GC bottle may have already come off the production line sometime in January. Soon there will be two kinds of people in the world. Those who hoard, and those without GC on their shelf.
Let's don't call it hoarding; let's call it exercising superior discretion and exquisite appreciation.
I don't consider myself a "horder". Whenever I'm @ AZ, I only pick up 3 or 4qts at a time, usually leaving plenty for the next GC addict. I should mention that I find it difficult to just "drive by" an AZ store without stopping in. Yes, I'm in need of some serious counciling.

Originally posted by CincyGTS:
Whenever I see GC at an AutoZone I take every last quart of it.

I think most BITOGers are going to be doing the same thing over the next little while! At least until we know if the brown stuff is any good or not. (my guess is NOT!) We all figured the day might come when Castrol switched formulas on us, so it honestly shouldn't come as a huge shock.
I cleaned out 4 AZs this past weekend. 2 others were already dry. The end is near.
Booss, I bet that you cleaned out every Autozone in Fort Worth of all their GC. I found it amusing that a couple of the AZ's I frequent have never seen or heard of 0w-30 Castrol SLX let alone stock it.
Did you ever consider that when the marketing bean counters at Castrol notice all the demand for GC, they might:

a. Import even more for sale, thereby making it more available everywhere?

or, perhaps a less pleasant outcome...

b. Decide that demand for it is so great they are going to stop importing it and start blending it in the USA?

or even worse....

c. When every BITOG GC hoarder gets so stocked up that their wives and families threaten to disown them, and give them the ultimatum to not buy one more quart......demand will plummet and the product will be discontinued.

Given all of these possible outcomes, continued hoarding for the present seems a viable strategy.

And I anticipate, once some folks come to their senses or are given the "ultimatum" (see "c" above) GC will turn up at various neighborhood garage sales for the distress price of 50 cents a quart. Sort of like the end of the "" era a few years ago.
The Elves have gotten into my head (and wallet) and I can't get them out !!! For weeks I watched the GC just sit on the shelves and not even get touched!
Nobody seems to buy 0W30's here. I finally bought it all reading that it may have changed. I HAVEN'T EVEN USED ANY YET!!!.... It's being re-stocked after my final PLUNDERING acouple of weeks ago with yellow label and 05 I guess. ( " Made in Germany " is on the back LEFT side of these bottles...not the right side like on the older bottles.) Not a good omen. The Elves may indeed have left the building. I'm lucky to have 22. I should go back and get the last two "leakers".

Originally posted by billmac:
Booss, I bet that you cleaned out every Autozone in Fort Worth of all their GC. I found it amusing that a couple of the AZ's I frequent have never seen or heard of 0w-30 Castrol SLX let alone stock it.

Bill, I cleaned them out. And yes, you can't even ask someone behind the counter if they have the "Castrol 0w30 with red letters, made in Germany and oh by the way check the date codes on the bottom of the bottle to be sure the are from batch M02 thru M04." I couldn't even bring myself to ask.
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