The Cost to Own a 430 Scuderia

That'd be a nice car... and one which you could extract high miles out of (realizing it's value would drop due to i) possibly non Ferrari service records; and ii) due to high mileage... if one realizes that:
i) you had better know how to drive a manual transmission (so as to know what the automated single clutch is actually doing) and drive it always in manual mode!;
ii) you don't drive it in heavy traffic (results in clutch wear, in the extreme);
iii) you don't participate in the stoplight GrandPrix (again, clutch wear 🙁); and
iv) you don't mind doing $10,000 clutch replacements at the 30,000 to 50,000 miles range (and 'way, 'way sooner if you don't observe the above!).

Oh, and the soft touch plastics / sticky goo switch faces is the unfortunate (and unconscionable norm) that takes $$ to get rid of.
Someone watches Doug Demuro
I rarely watch Doug Demuro... He is so non technical, and his mannerisms which he so much accentuates as his trademark manner, bug me. His test of the Maserati Quattroporte V, was so, so dimwitted. However, if he did one thing positive, he singlehandedly depressed their value substantially, making them a stupendous value used. Oh, and he drove the QP in Normal, Automatic, which if you know anything about the Magneti-Marelli "F1" system, is daft.
You'll still find insane bills for those cars, but I don't really understand it... they're not that hard to work on and parts aren't that expensive, generally. Ferrari tax is real.
That transverse engine (was it that way for all of that line of cars?) and how the transaxle is adjacent to the engine... make timing belt and clutch changes easy compare to most Ferrari's... The one thing it seems to me that might be hard is valve adjustments for the front bank of cylinders. Does the car have shim-over-bucket clearance adjustment? Can't be that easy to access those frt exhaust valves 😐.
Shame about the stripes.

The car could be ordered with grey stripes, or gold/bronze stripes, or none. Then the wheels could be matching color to the stripes as well if you wanted. I would say the vast majority have matching stripes and wheels but there are some out there with no stripes.
It certainly looks to have the 'sticky button' issue that I've heard Ferrari has been having for some time.

That and it looks like a drunk person tried to put the ignition key in it about 100 times and missed.
was thinking the exact same thing about the ignition lol, jfc
Something I didn't know, and maybe some CA members can speak to this. Car repair shops are required to set tire pressures to factory recommended spec as per state law?

Car currently sitting on Cars and Bids at just above $140k.

They have a bunch of service receipts posted with it. Interesting to see what fluids they've used and some of the repair costs. Looks like a bunch of off-the-shelf stuff you could get at Walmart.

Mobil1 Gear Oil
Peak Coolant (You'd think this at least would be something special)
Castrol Edge 5W40
Penz Platinum Euro Bulk 5W40

Also looks like that by 22,000 miles the clutch is at ~80% used

$2200 throw out bearing replacement.

$62 Ferarri oil filter

Somewhere along the line they needed to do a heli-coil on something. Exhaust from the looks of it.

Pay to play indeed. Service records start at picture #77.

Something I didn't know, and maybe some CA members can speak to this. Car repair shops are required to set tire pressures to factory recommended spec as per state law?
Any Ferrari makes a Porsche seem cheap to operate
It's more because of resale value. Once a Ferrari reaches 10k, the value plummets. The more modern ones (360 onward) are not nearly as much to maintain as the older ones (355 previous).

If someone wanted to actually buy one to drive, one like this is a good candidate.
My god ten k is huge huge mileage on any ferrari. 500 miles to 2 k is very typical..

Want to see a car people drive ? Look at used porsche mileage.