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Jan 28, 2005
Eagle, Idaho
I'm sure this question has been asked a number of times, but I can't seem to find it in a search...anyway, what is the scoop on 1) SuperTech synthetics? & 2) Mobil 1 (non 15K extended) oil?

In regards to #1, the Wal-Mart 5qt jug has WPP (Warren Performance Products) on the bottom. The discription on the back of the jug says made with 100% synthetic base stocks, so is the a group IV oil? This stuff use to cost about $13 a jug and is now up to $17.

#2, Wal-Mart has Mobil 1 back down to $22 a 5qt jug again, but it does not say "extended performance" on the label. Is this still a group IV actual 100% synth base oil?
I don't believe SuperTech has a bad rap around here. A lot of people like it b/c it's the lowest priced synthetic available (not counting sales, rebates, promotions, etc), and it's shown very good numbers in most UOAs.

The topic has been discussed before, and I believe I remember reading that SuperTech is made by different manufacturers depending on location.

Also, if I remember correctly, WPP does not necessarily indicate that it was made by WPP, but just that it was bottled by them.

As for your first question, remember in the US Group III oil is classified as synthetic. So saying it's 100% synthetic might just mean it's 100% Group III oil. That's not necessarily a bad thing b/c a lot of Group III oils have shown themselves to offer excellent lubrication and wear protection.

Lastly, regarding your section question. I believe the normal M1 is down to $22, the EP flavors are a bit more ($26?). As for the Group IV and V content of M1, that issue is constantly debated b/c nobody knows the exact base oils used, and what percentages of each are being used
Warren doesn't "make" any oil per se. They have a modern blending plant for base oil and additive packages and can pretty much blend any type of oil the customer wants. The Supertech is a decent product but Walmart wants the oil made to a price-point.
I think it was a better value years ago, but with crafty use of rebates/sales, you can get M1 or Pennzoil pretty close in price.

I wouldn't have any problem using it for 5-7000 miles though.
Hasn't the only real criticism of the Supertech oils been that the addy pack is pretty minimal? The only comments I've seen are worries that it's not something you'd ever want to do extended intervals in.
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The Mobil 1 is a group III lube. only the extended performance is a group IV.

Don't say that like its a fact - you have no concrete proof.

You're just guessing like the rest of us here.....
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