Superflow Rebate scam

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Aug 27, 2005
NW Indiana
I just recieved a letter from Mobile containing everything I sent them for their Exxon Superflow rebate. They sent it all back saying I didn't provide proof of purchase. That included two handwritten reciepts and two cash register reciepts for the two cases and two jugs of the stuff. The UPC code is IMPOSSIBLE to remove from the jugs, so I wrote down the numbers. At any rate they rejected the whole thing, including UPC from the cases. I called the 1-800 and pled my case, the customer service rep said she would put in a recomendation to pay, after a long conversation. If I don't get my rebate, it will be a 0w20 day in Hades before I but another Mobile product, too many other good oils out there. BITOG'ers beware!!!! [poof] [poof] [poof]
I find that a well written factual letter to the CEO(in this case) usually results in favorable action. The CEO may not write you back but I bet the decision to honor the rebate does not end up in the hands of the "rebate rep". I had a similar experience with Whirlpool recently and a letter that starts from the top and works down seems to work better.
The UPC code is IMPOSSIBLE to remove from the jugs
Sometimes it is better to buy the case (12 pack) when it comes to rebates, all you need is the UPC off the box.
I never allow the promise of a rebate to influence my buying, whether it be oil or other things. I buy only if I am willing to pay the price without rebate. This is because of my experiences with companys refusing to re-imburse the rebate even though I complied fully with the written instructions to get it. I think it is really unfortunate when a company that sells high quality products as Mobil refuses the rebate. I could come closer to expecting such from a shyster seller does that. Yet, nothing excuses it.
Non-rebate payment circumstances is why Advance Auto doesn't see any of my business anymore. I never received my $15 Maxlife rebate. With 5 vehicles in my driveway, Advance is a big-time loser in the long run. If you sent them the UPC off the cardboard box - plus receipts - plus numbers off the jugs, well I don't blame you for not using that product anymore.
They refused mine (I had put a UPC that was a shipping label off the case). I sent it back and it was rejected each time until I discovered my mistake. They responded each time with a letter saying to enclose their letter and they will accept the form even though the time limit on the offer expired. I thought that was classy enough for me. You really can't blame them for trying to weed out a few people who might be trying to rip them off.
First off, I hate rebates. But the rules are explicit. In this case, I would have either bought just enough oil that I was going to use within the time the rebate had to be post-marked, or dumped the oil into another contaner & cut out the UPC. Once a co-worker got denied a rebate because he sent his STAMPED envelope out through company mail. Staff in the mail room ran his STAMPED envelop through the company's meter stamp. The rebate was denied due to the meter stamp...even though regular postage was on the envelope, too!!!
I usually read the rebate slips with a magnifying glass! I try to do everything according to what is on the rebate slip. I've never had any problems. I have seen some rebates that indicate you can write the upc codes if getting the labels is difficult. I think the last one I saw like that was Pennzoil Platinum's latest rebate.
I've never had problems with Superflo rebate. Always rec'd the check. they run rebates on this oil 365 days/yr. the problem you came across is the upc codes. handwritten receipt? [No no] Look at it from Mobil's side, If they approved the rebate, It would be easy to exchange the oil without receipt with UPC intact to places and keep the rebate. However, I do agree that they are a hassle to get off, but it can be done. I just peeled the corner and tear up.
I never allow the promise of a rebate to influence my buying,
I let it influence my buying. I specifically won't buy anything from BestBuy because of how lame the rebate process is. I'll wait 6 weeks until the exact same product is that price without a rebate. That's the fastest I've ever gotten a rebate back ..if ever. I think I filled out a rebate form for DVD's from Staples that made them free after the rebate never showed. They were cheap enough already so I wasn't going to spend another 1/2hour of dealing with it. This is what, I'm sure, the rebate processing houses count on. Our inability to "find time" for needlessly complicated and lengthy rebate rituals. I just don't buy the products. One could say that I'm someone who can't figure my way through the maze. Not so. I don't find the maze a worthwhile use of my time when it's an ongoing scam to snag consumers that can't figure their way through the maze and are too busy (or otherwise overwelmed) to deal with it. For the lower $$ items ..typically more money leaks from my collective household wallet then I can recoup on saving $2-10 on anything. That is, conservation of needless spending could yield far more then buying stuff to get money back on it [I dont know]
I usually use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive and peel the label right off of the bottles. It works for me most of the time, some times its a little stubborn.
Some rebates are denied if the envelope is not hand written! Good thing I read the fine print. I have a habit of printing envelopes by computer, which prints the bar code and helps the Post Office with delivery. One pet peeve is when you buy multiple items for rebate in one trip and each one requires the original receipt!
I'm still waiting for my Maxlife rebate. I'm getting that " I'm screwed" feeling. [Bang Head] I don't even use Maxlife but I thought I'd try it because it seemed like a good deal. Plfffft.
I avoid rebates whenever possible. I buy based on the pre-rebate price and if there's a rebate too I'll send it in. Why do companies have rebate programs anyway? What is the economic strategy involved compared to selling at a lower price to begin with?
I've had good luck with Pep Boys rebates. On their website you can log onto your account and follow the process. It takes a while, but I've allways been paid.
Why do companies have rebate programs anyway? What is the economic strategy involved compared to selling at a lower price to begin with?
The strategy is this: if they sell it for a lower price, everyone who buys the product gets the benefit and the company makes less profit. If they sell it for a higher price with a rebate, then only those people who care enough to do the legwork will be rewarded...and I've read that the percentage of people who actually follow through on rebates is quite low.
Why do companies have rebate programs anyway? What is the economic strategy involved compared to selling at a lower price to begin with?
I'm BestBuy. I purchase a whole lot of your item with the contractural obligation that you cannot sell it at a lower price to anyone else without giving us the the difference. After I and a few other major discount retailers pay for your initial run, you find that demand for your product is higher or lower then anticipated and more profit (or losses to be contained) is there to be had. You want to sell it for a $25 discount per unit. So you're obligated to discount each unit that I've already purchase that same amount. You do this directly to the consumer, who pays me the entire amount based on my preprogrammed profit structure that brought the item to market at the currently offered price.
Accck! My rejected rebate letter (Dear 'last name in caps') just came back again today! I forgot to put the form back in the envelope with everything this time. This is getting funny, the postage is eating into my rebate. I wonder how many times they'll let me do this.
I also had to write down the UPC codes on the form when I applied for the Mobil-HM/AAP rebate, and I got my rebate within 2 problems at all.
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