Super-Tech Synth 5W-30 UOA

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Sep 12, 2002
I can send in a sample of ST Synth 5W-30 for UOA, it would have 12 months of use or around 1000-2000 miles of use on a 8000 mile old Ford 4.6L SOHC V8 that has been driven VERY aggressively since mile 1, but also taken care of.

Would this be a good sample to send in? Or would it be a waste?
I think it would be a good example to send in, as it would allow people to see how an oil can handle one year of driving with very little mileage.
I think it would be good. Don't be upset with the results though. Fairly new engine and a long duration for oil change likely will have wear metals way up. It would be good to have a TBN since I am not sure we have an unused analysis on the ST. The other advantage is that you will have information on any coolant leaks and high slids or water. If problems are found its good backup for future warranty work. And yes we all would be curious at the results (at your expense
I've done around 8-10 oil changes prior to this one, would I still see high wear metals?
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