Sunoco gasoline

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Sep 18, 2014
I have been reading a lot on top tier fuels and noticed that Sunoco was not on the list. Does anyone know how their gasoline stacks up to top tier fuel such as Exxon and BP
Top Tier gas mostly refers to the detergent additives in the gas that prevent buildup on valves and fuel system parts. This can lead to higher emissions and lower performance.

No way to know how a non-top tier gas is relative to them.

Maybe if you had the specific test results and knew when or how many valves stuck, but I doubt that non-top tier gases would release that data.
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So there would be no way to know how much detergent was in the fuel from grade to grade or even from one tank to the next?
If you have a DI engine, you should use top tier.

If you don't have a DI, at least use a bottle of Techron Plus in gas before each oil change.
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Typically, Top Tier gases use 2 to 5 times the detergents. Total cost is less than 1 cent per gallon!

Compared to what EPA standards?
I would think that Exxon and Mobil stations would have the same fuel. But that doesn't seem to be the case
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