sulfated ash (SA) content

Mar 4, 2017
Just go by the latest specs instead of chasing numbers. If I recall correctly the spec on SN+ and SP for sulfated ash was a max of 1%.
Sep 10, 2010
Severe service

I wouldn't go an entire year/7500 on ANY oil for 100% city driving. I would install an engine timer and change out the full synthetic oil every 200hrs. The other option is a 6 month 3750 interval, regardless oil marketing.

You need a UOA with TBN/TAN/oxidation and particle count to see if ANY oil/filter combo is capable of your chosen interval. Otherwise, you are driving blind with marketing.

Your replaced catalytics weren't caused by the oil. So, don't have trauma. Just don't buy another product from the company that manufactured your CTS, or use generic catalytic converters.

I liked the CX-5. Got a bit expensive with some options. Didn't think we'd get use to the center console radio controls stuff. But, the 6-speed 2.5 city commuter combo was perfect driver, IMO. We avoided turbos and CVTs, and it was a tough call among the 2.4/6peed Sportage and CX5. She took the Sportage since she didn't care for silly gimmick screens used by most now.

Keep it clean with top tier fuel, if available or equivalent high quality name brand fuel. LSPI in a non-turbo an issue? Regardless, 13:1 compression ratio on a non-turbo... would make me use premium always. A spraycan or bottle a year of IVD cleaner is something you should consider, along with a quality name brand or PEA based FI cleaner added to the tank.

I don't worry about sulfated ash in my oil. And, I'd rather replace a catalytic vs an engine!
My 2017 Sonata GDI 2.4L has a 11:3 compression ratio ... Not sure if this non - turbo benefits from premium gas (except in hot , humid weather) . Next , The hours on an engine fill of oil are important (200 hrs. max) . I use 150 hours as by then it is close to 4,000 miles of city / suburb driving and time to dump the GDI oil fill which by that time is very dark and smells like fuel dilution is taking place . I use synthetic 5W30 D1 / Gen 2 rated SN+ / SP rated oils by Valvoline , Quaker State , Pennzoil mainly . By 150 hours , 4,000 miles the oil is pretty nasty when it is drained .