suggest st.wagon/small suv for Mom-In-Law, please

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Make sure she test drives it.
My mother needed a new car and she doesnt like to go car shopping. She said just go find me something. I found a deal on a Focus. She didnt want to go look at it until the day she signed for it. Its a great litle car for her. The only problem being she has trouble backing it up I think its becasue the trunk seems high from inside the car. Otherwise its a great little car for her. Most of the controls are large and easy to see.

Good luck.
TB- you posted

What about recent VW's being plagued with electrical bugs more than any other make, and having poor repliablity,
are those just rumors? *I don't know.*
That is the thing that scared me away from the VW Jetta wagons.
But if those stories are bs, I have nothing against VW wagons...they look very suitable for MIL in many ways. I really want to know.

and later posted-

I lived 10 yrs in Germany (1992-2001), and knew a lot of people who owned German cars.
They were very weary about buying VW and Audi cars. All of them (mostly students) were trying very hard to save a bit of money to buy a used BMW or a Mercedez from the 80's, rather than buying a VW, although inituially a lot cheaper. Their main complains were about the unreliable electrical systems, and the bad quality of manual transmissions in VW/Audi cars...

and now said-

..I never prtended I had the "definitive scoop" on VW, and I didn't know the whole German population, so I don't know why you say "in 10 yrs nobody said anything good on VW..." if I knew different people, they might have had different opinions. Just because you own a certain car, you can't expect everyone saying 100% good things about it. EVERY car make has negative feedback, incl. my car.
As I'm definitely NOT considering a VW for MIL, I have no further interest in it.

So you went from, "What about recent VW's...I don't know" to "I knew a lot of people in Germany, main complains were about the unreliable electrical systems, and the bad quality"
And finally, "I didn't know the whole German population" and "I wasn't into the German car scene".
Even though, "VW wagons...they look very suitable for MIL in many ways".
You now say, "I'm definitely NOT considering a VW for MIL".
Ok, thanks for wasting my time. Good luck with that Focus, let us know how it looks in 10 years. If you are happy with the 97 T-Bird, you'll probally find it adequate. My cousin has an '96 T-Bird, it's a real gem..can't even make it into a plowed driveway with snow tires. Also, what's with that transmissin hump and lack of legroom? imo, my ten-years-older 1987, Audi Coupe GT puts it to shame in every respect, as the Jetta/Golf does to the Focus...different strokes for different folks. BUT I think direct comparison to a similarly-priced although 10 year older car is a generous standard.

Originally posted by Willy_G:
I'll bet she would be happy with a Focus wagon. I think the wagon looks better than the coupe, 5 door and sedan...and the wagon has gobbs of room and is fairly fuel that gas is $3.50/gal!

I saw one last night, and it looks pretty decent, although the wheels looked kinda small, but that's ok for MIL, I'm sure. and one of the main advantages specifically for MIL is that there are several Ford dealerships near where she lives, which makes it easy for her to go for scheduled services etc.
This is important 'cause she doesn't want to drive on interstate and drive to Knoxville, which she'll have to do if she got any other kind of car, as ther're no dealers for other makes near her except Ford and Toyota.
You could have eliminated much of the nonsense that came out of your request by indicating the key criteria of being a Ford or Toyota because of dealer proximity.

Sereing by the way you interpreted them, most of my comments about VW dependablity, you've misunderstood; and to clrify that I'll have to write a whole lot, which I don't wan to. even after I said several times that I don't have anything against you or VW/Audi, and was just saying something some people told me, you remain aggressive, and unpleasent. what troubles you so much about your car?

and this:
"f you are happy with the 97 T-Bird, you'll probally find it adequate. My cousin has an '96 T-Bird, it's a real gem..can't even make it into a plowed driveway with snow tires. Also, what's with that transmissin hump and lack of legroom? imo, my ten-years-older 1987, Audi Coupe GT puts it to shame in every respect, as the Jetta/Golf does to the Focus...

Why are youy suddenly turning this into a "My car is great, your car sucks" thing? We didn't even talk about our OWN cars, did we? where did that come from? did I ever say anything about YOUR car? I don't care what you think about my car. Different people like different things about their cars, what I like, you may not like: some people like fr.WD, some like Rear wheel drive. I mostly like 2-door coupes, we have no kids, so rear leg room doesn't matter to me. I'm happy with my car, it's been very dependable, with only an intake upgrade as the only repair in its 108k miles so far, and we don't have trouble from snow in NC much.
Just like you like your Audi for a lot of reasons, I like my car. Did I ever insult the car you drive, and said "mine is better"? how childish.
We all like our cars, and respect them. I've always like Tbird, and I could afford it (used). When I have more money some day, I might buy a better car, but for now the T-bird's been really good to me so far. I'll drive it as long as I can.
Understand that there's something called a "matter of taste" when it comes to cars.
I don't know what's wrong with you.
OK, so you *don't* like someone to criticize your car? Hmmm. Welcome to my World. What's wrong with direct comparison accross brands anyway? Audi was building the A4 when your T-Bird came out, and selling it for $23k. It's light-years ahead by any objective standard. To me, the Focus seems a bit dated compared to the new Jetta. See what I'm getting at? I dunno if you missed the fact that it's on-topic. I tried to find some good things to say about the Focus, and you choose to ignore it and re-explain the whole German car thing. So, alright, I was blunt. I, however am at a loss to understand how people criticize certain cars without any experience with them. I'm also at a loss to understand why people spend good money on cars that are as lame as some are. I actually have experience with the TB AND have experience with superior cars. Was I being mean when I said "if you're satisified with the TB you'll be ok with the Focus? No, I was acting on the assumption that you are not too demanding. The TB I have experience with is a dinosaur. It drives like a whale, sucks gas and for it's size is extremely uncomfortable inside. The trans hump complaint is concering the front, take a look at the pass side. The headlight lens is opaque yellow. With that as a starting point, maybe a re-think of how you look at cars is not a bad idea. Compare your car to RWD BMW 325i, for instance. How could you "like" your car without comparing it and seeing how others are built and how they drive??? What cars have you critically compared the TB to? I explain it to my cousin's (w/the TB) husband this way. He thinks any car is good until proven bad, I think they are bad until proven good. Two ways to get to (hopefully) the same result. I don't expect you to run out and buy a VW becuse I say so. I do expect you to take second-hand coffee-talk with a grain of salt. You college buddys in Germany were maybe looking for justification to buy an upscale car when the VW might have been more appropriate, we all do that sometimes. No offence intended, you did ask for input.

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Lenses yellow due to the selection of a inferior non-UV tolerant polycarbonate by the mfg. Yes, some yellow, some don't.
Everyone I see on the above-mentioned model are yellow. FYI Bri, they are not SUPPOSED to be replaced, bulb service is from the rear on these Euro-style lights. Stop making excuses for a crappy car. I'm guessing no rush to replace them. I offered to put some driving lights on my cousin's car but she says it's ok. She lives in a pitch dark area and drives 40 mi each way to work with the lighting power of a candle. I guess that's her "taste". A few weeks ago, she called me because her door hinge broke and wanted to know if the body shop could fix it. It ripped right out of the body for no apparent reason. You can guess what my advice was. She says she'll fix it rather than get a new car because she just installed a new engine over the summer. Sadly, her and her husband suffer from crippling "fear of the unknown". When I suggested a used Volvo at a VERY modest price during the engine drama, she said they knew someone who had a tranny blow on a Volvo. Too bad, that is likely the exception, not the rule. Weeks before the engine blew, she just got the front of the car repaired from a bear impact. At that time...well you know what I said. A car with good lights and brakes would not be a bad idea. The engine...everything inc gas mileage...good money after bad. Also, I don't know anybody else who drives on white walls.
And another thread comes to a conclusion thanks to the anti-social rantings of the evil genius super-villain. Nobody is safe. All hail the all-conquering 1987 Audi GT!

Originally posted by Audi Junkie:
The headlight lens is opaque yellow.

It didn't come from the factory that way! It takes about 10 years for the average plastic headlight lens to yellow...and when it does, you replace it, just like you replace shocks that wear out.

(The newer plastic headlight lenses don't seem to have that problem with yellowing as they age, by the way).
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