Street Driven Race Car Oil Delema!!!!!!!!!

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Dec 8, 2002
Northern, NY
Heres the problem Im having. I drive and race a 01 Pontiac v-8 Firebird that I recently bought. Im entered into a racing event(One Lap Of America) that has you drive the car at night and road race the car during the day. Total milege on the car for the 9 days is going to be aprox 7500 miles [Eek!] with 300 of them being road course miles. I did do an oil analysis of his mobil 1 with aprox 5,000 miles everything looked ok but nitrates were up. Which oil and weight would you recomend? I dont like going extended drain without working up to longer drains. I just dont know if I'm going to have the time during the week to change to oil. Finally one of my sponsors for the car is a Kendall/Valvoline distributor Im supposed to run there products but if there is something better I may sneak it in. Only one I have considered is Kendall Syn 5-40. Any inputs on this also. Im sorry for having to ask this. But the race is getting close and I need to have everything ready to go.
Sounds like fun! I've time-trialed since the mid-80's, but your upcoming adventure sounds particularly wacked (in a very good way). A few suggestions... 1. How about stopping by a reputable garage halfway along the trip (maybe, I dare say, even a JiffyLube type joint since they're ubiquitous) and have an oil change performed? Obviously, in your case you should bring your own oil and filter. Even if you end up going to a JiffyScrew type place because you're pressed for time or whatever, as long as you watch the mechanic like a hawk from beginning to end, you should be fine. 2. Don't know what thickness of blood Firebirds like, but going a bit thicker than normal street weight would seem appropriate. The narrower the spread, the better, as is always the case. 3. I'd look into an oversize or high-flow filter to help ensure good oil flow with 300 miles of racing to be done. 4. Normally I'd suggest the best oil you could find for such a long event, but if you can change it out halfway through the adventure, either the Kendall or Valvoline synthetics would be just fine if you feel an obligation to use either brand. 3,750 miles, with 150 on the track (reflecting an oil change) would be a piece of cake for any decent syn oil.
Outjustracing: You lucky dog. I would love to participate in this event. I can't find anything wrong with the advise that TC gave, but if you don't have time to stop for an oil change and you feel you need to use one of those oils, my preference would be the Valvoline. They make a decent 5W40 synthetic which has all of the A3 specs etc. HAVE FUN [Cheers!] By the way, I am a firm believer in supporting the ones that sponsor.
Yep, I believe in using one of the sponsors oils as well. I'm sure some will scream at their computer screen when they see my recommendation, but in conditions like you'll be running, I'd want maximum protection. Decrease in fuel economy over a thick 30-weight or thin 40-weight will be minimal and I don't believe the thicker oil would amount to even a .1 time difference at the track. I don't recommend the "racing oils" because while they do have good levels of anti-wear additives and nice HT/HS levels, they skimp on the detergents, which you want and need in a vehicle that is operated like this. I recommend: Between Valvoline and Kendall oils, and as long as the temperatures aren't too cold, I'd choose the Kendall SHP Diesel Oil. For an oil filter, I'd choose a K&N filter, as among widely available filters, it has the best flow. This will give you a combination that you can run for the whole journey if you'd like, but mainly, offer you great anti-wear and high temperature/high shear protection. From Kendall site: BEYOND PROTECTION For those that need maximum protection, Kendall SHP® engine oil delivers. Formulated using high-quality base stocks and robust, technologically advanced additives, this synthetic blend oil delivers outstanding year-round protection, especially for extended drain intervals and severe operating conditions. Why opt for synthetic blend? Our formulation provides better oxidation resistance and lower evaporative losses at high temperatures compared to conventional all-mineral engine oils. With a proprietary chemistry that results in high levels of detergency, dispersancy and TBN, SHP® is designed to prevent soot from depositing on critical engine surfaces and thickening the oil, thus minimizing abrasive wear (especially critical for modern EGR engines). In short, this synthetic blend oil was created to provide uncompromising on-road and off-road protection. If you want the very best for your fleet, get Kendall SHP®. Kendall SHP® engine oil includes the following enhancements derived from the use of both Group II and synthetic base stocks, plus proprietary additives: * Exceptional anti-corrosion engineering * Outstanding wear protection and deposit control * Superior oil consumption control * Extra protection in extended drain, severe service or EGR-equipped engines due to our high alkaline reserve * Excellent soot control from enhanced dispersancy * Better oxidation control Spec. Sheet: [ February 12, 2004, 02:43 AM: Message edited by: Jelly ]
Why not go with something like Amsoil 0w30 or Redline 5w30? Both of these oils should handle that type of driving well and the LS1 likes an oil that is on the thicker side of a 30wt. Both of these oils have proven themselves to be very shear stable and both use a very good base oil with an excellent additive package. I suspect GC 0w30 would do well under these conditions too. There would be no need to change the oil during this event, it should be able to handle the entire trip. I'm sure the wear metals in it will be higher, but probably not to dangerous levels. I hope you'll do a UOA on whatever oil you choose after this is over. Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun!!
Hey Kid thanks for pointing that out. I was going off A old post from a former racer. I did the quick math and came up with this 7 tracks, 2 sessions(morning and afternoon). 1 recon lap(the way everyone drove last yr I will count it towards a race lap. 3 timed laps and a cool down. Total miles at race speed(aprox 160). Throw in 1 headsup drag race and a bracket race and 2 skid pads(one wet one dry)and another event to be named. Drive the 5635 miles between start and finish, and you completed the One Lap of America. Thanks for all the info. John
Guys...I see you recommending Pennzoil, Amsoil, and Redline. This guy is sponsered by a Valvoline and Kendall distributor, and by all means, should really use an oil from one of these two companies. Jelly.
I've done One Lap a couple of times in my supercharged 5liter Mustang(425whp). One Lap is actually pretty easy on oil, as 95% of it is a highway cruise. 300 road course miles?!?!? Unless the formula has been changed since I last ran it(2000), you have one practice lap, 2 hot laps, and a cool down lap. 10 tracks (x) 2 laps x (2 miles) is not 300......
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