Stamps going up

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Mar 21, 2006
Las Vegas NV
Over the last 90 years, the average retail price of gasoline has increased about 8.5 times, from 25.5 cents per gallon in 1919 to $2.16 per gallon in 2009, according to annual price data from the EIA. Over the same period, the price of a first-class stamp in the U.S. has increased 21X, from 2 cents in 1919 to 44 cents in 2009 (starting tomorrow), according to historical stamp price data available here.

If stamp prices had increased over time at "only" the rate of gas prices, a first-class stamp would only cost only 17 cents today instead of 44 cents. If stamp prices had increased at the same rate as consumer prices in general, stamps today would cost about 25 cents.

But we all know that gov. monopolies are established to control prices... Stamps have gone up the last 4 years.

And isn't it typical that they would raise prices during a down turn and dwindling mail usage.
hmmm..but it wasn't until which year (?) that the USPS was not subsidized by revenue outside their earnings in postage. Wasn't it the Carter Admin?? ..maybe a little earlier. That is, there was a year when I was a teenager that they proclaimed "the USPS is now run like a business" (albeit with a default monopoly at that time).
I agree. I thought it was a lot of service for the money. I'll admit that $50 worth of stamps for holiday cards felt "uncheap" ..but
And just when I break down and buy a new book of stamps for the first time in 4 years, and a week later they are already obsolete...
... and the kiosk in the PO that I bought them from had no option for the "freedom" stamp or whatever it is that supposedly is always good, nor was there even an option to buy just one stamp.

GA, if all businesses were run like the post office, you see how much higher the cost of things would be, but then if PO workers wages are indexed to a cost of living, then stamps would probably double again. And on and on up and up in the spiral.
Pretty much in agreement. I still think that they manage to deliver a good service for the price charged ..while much of the private sector just produces a product or service that may or may not deliver satisfaction regardless of what they charge.
Why the [censored] they can't make it .45 or even .50 and let it ride longer is a bit irritating.

I still think the Flat Rate Priority boxes full of 15 (up to 70!) pounds is a steal at $9.85 anywhere in the US. OTOH postal workers won't budge anything over 20-25 pounds or so. Amazing!! They call me to come pick a heavy package the "can't" deliver. Too heavy. 24 pounds!
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It is still a deal to get a letter delivered for 44 cents imo.

A letter from NY to Hawaii for 44 cents can not be beat.
maybe you can start a "postage futures" market.

Watch some Wall St. person get backers and buy up every "forever" stamp ..then open up vending machines that market at the current price whatever that goes to ..get contracts with convenience stores...

Wait a minute...
in the old days, it took 2 weeks.. now, 2 days

so that improvement could be factored in determining an equivalent price raise. I'd wager we are getting value for money.
Private mail system is illegal in Canada, as far as I know. I'm sure there would be lots of customers for a cheaper mail system, that only delivered once a month, such as people who owe you money.
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