spraying fluid film

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Apr 17, 2012
West Michigan
Well finally purchased a gallon of fluid film to treat the oldsmobile with. Used the airless paint sprayer from harbor freight which seems to get stellar reviews and is rated for 3000-3500psi. Seemed to prime well, especially after removing the pick up screen but lost pressure quickly and even after stopping to wait for it to catch up it was having issues. The FF was nice and warm from sitting out in the sun and atomized well under pressure and I was using the recommended 517 tip.

Anybodh else run into thos before? Only thing I can think is it wasnt holding prime or the FF needs thinned (which is a tough sell since airless hplv sprayi g is what they recommend)? Also, despite the troubles spraying it seemed to use product extremely quickly which I have been led to believe is unusual ...
Buy the approved FF gun and wand kit.Its calibrated for the viscosity of FF.
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Then why does the mfg recommend an airless set up??


Who knows? Maybe there is some advantage, but I bet the recommendation is mostly meant for shops, with heavy duty compressors and not so much for DIY-ers.
I can attest to Bluestream's recommendation though. I also have a similar type of gun and it sprays a much heavier rustproofing oil than FF without any issues using a tiny 4 gallon, portable air compressor. It also usues the product quite sparingly. I was able to do two cars with 2/3 of the gallon. FF is lighter, so more probably would be used.
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How much are you paying for a gallon of Fluid film? If its more than $20 you areq wasting your money

Why do you say that, do you have a better product or cheaper source?
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