Speedometer cable: How to lubricate?

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Jun 14, 2011
Denmark, Europe

What product is needed to properly lubricate the speedometer cable/wire in such a way, that it will last at least 100000 miles (daily driver summer and winter)?

Does anyone have some hands on real world experience - not just from show cars that run a few hundred miles a year during summer conditions only?

While I've heard many suppliers recommend Lithium grease on cables, I always used a liquid graphite lubricant, like Lock-Ease. The liquid carrier evaporates, and the graphite alone does not attract dirt that could make the cable-core seize or bind.

I always dribbled the graphite lube onto the cable core while pushing the core into the sheath.
Sharp bends will greatly shorten the life of the cable. Route it with as wide a radius as it can.

Back in the days of speedometer cables, no moving part of the car was expected to last 100,000 miles.
If you pull the inner cable just about any type of lube will help, but by the time you are having issues the wear that the cable has produced on the inside of the plastic casing allows play in the cable. All you are doing is buying some time, but the best approach is to replace the cable, assuming it's not an onerous job to do so.
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