Speaker Quit Working..

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Sep 2, 2005
Yesterday I had a speaker that quit working. There's 4 total in the front....1 on the dash quit and the other 3 work but dont put out much sound. This isn't from cranking it up either. Does this sound like a radio or speaker problem ?
How old are they? Has ther Been any work that would expose the wiring to damage. Could be one of the coils shorted and won’t let the others get good sound. If not the it might be the radio. Turn the balance to the opposite side from the dead speaker. Does that side should ok? If si it repacked replacement time.
If there is a speaker no longer working, this could affect the resistance causing a higher ohm rating than intended. I would just replace it. If it is an old speaker, sometimes they just go bad. Something could have experienced a short or static electricity could have killed it. It could have just stopped working because it wanted to.
^ This. You really don't know what your ears are missing until you replace those speakers.
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