Some Excellent Scope Rings !

Mar 30, 2015
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
When I was setting up my inexpensive Chi-Com scope in the "Inexpensive Scope" thread, I was a lot more impressed with the scope, than I was with the rings it shipped with. At best they were adequate, but not much more. The scope however was very impressive.

Normally my "go to" rings are Leupold Tactical in steel. But I came across these Burris XTR Signature rings, and thought they looked very good, so I ordered a couple of sets in 30 MM 1-1/2" high. Along with another 4-16X scope like the one I installed on my DPMS .308 Carbine.

I have a Rock River Arms LAR-9, 9 MM Carbine I thought I would scope. Yeah, I know 4-16X is a bit overboard for a 9 MM carbine, but I really like the clarity of this scope, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

These Burris XTR Rings really impressed me. They come with a complete set of offset inserts that allow you to achieve any MOA cant you want by simply swapping out the inserts. Plus, they grip really well, and will not mar a scope tube.

I changed out the stock rings with the Burris XTR's on the .308, and mounted another set on my RRA 9 MM. These rings come unbelievably well packaged in a dense foam lined, waterproof, rubber sealed, high impact plastic case.

Underneath the rings are packaged 3 sets of offset inserts, in + - 5, 10, and 20 MOA. You simply install the offset of your choice to get the proper cant. No screwing around with tapered scope bases. You can use either the front ring, rear ring, or both of them to achieve whatever MOA combination you want. The rings have 6 screws per ring.

They really provide a substantial setup, and while appearing very "beefy", they are Aluminum, and are far lighter than the Leupold Tactical steel rings. Here are some pics of the rings, along with a comparison photo of the rifle with the old rings. (You can see how much more substantial the Burris rings are).

The Burris XTR's have a dual steel on steel Torx Screw system to clamp on the Picatinny Rail. Where as the standard rings the scope shipped with only had one. I'll try to get a pic up of the RRA 9 MM tomorrow.





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Burris is nice stuff. Their Signature Zee rings use the inserts and are used by rimfire shooters at longer ranges (200 yds and more). Not as beefy as those but don't have to be and bonus is no chance of scratching the scope tube. Not really what you'd call low budget with the Zee series around $50 and the XTRs at $100.
This is the Rock River 9 MM with the same scope as my DPMS .308. Along with a set of the Burris Signature XTR Rings. (Same 1-1/2" height). That height worked out perfectly. I think had I went with 1-1/4" high rings, the front lens cover might have interfered with the rail.

That's a "anti gun" 10 round magazine in the lower. The 32 round stick mags interfere when you're shooting off the bench. (However they're great for blasting.) Now I have to search for a nice bipod, and she'll be ready to make noise.

Another nice thing is Burris provides a chart that gives you the correct MOA cant based on the distance between the rings. The closer the rings are spaced together, the greater the MOA cant. It makes it really easy to select the proper offset rings for your application.