So who is going to be the guinea pig?

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
I'm wondering if anyone on here wants to be the guinea pig and run the amber M05 GC and do a UOA on it? Preferably it should be someone who has already done a few runs with the green M02-04 GC, so we can see if the wear numbers are different. Any takers? (I'm too chicken to do it myself) [Smile]
Actually, Patman, you are probably the best candidate here if you can bring yourself to do it. You have the past data and experience. It absolutely isn't going to hurt your car. Do it for bitog. [SPAZ!] It probably is SLX Longtec and probably is a great formulation.
I've got a huge 76L supply of green GC though, and see no reason to switch to the new stuff right now, only to end up going back to the old stuff later, otherwise those 76L go to waste.
They will have to quickly use up many ccs of GrGC (Green German Castrol) to get the GoGC (Gold German Castrol)...don't you "c."
Well, I would be game, but it would be about 8 months before you got any results, I have 5000 miles left on my current fill, and then another 7500 miles for the M05 stuff, and by that time someone will surely have done it.
Originally posted by oilyriser: What will people do if the new GC turns out even better wear numbers than the old GC?
If that is the case, then I'll start buying it when my existing supply of the green GC runs out. I'm extremely happy with my low wear numbers already, so it's not like there is much room for improvement.
I'm not sure what all would be involved but I'm 11.5 months without an oil change. So long, I'm not even all that sure what oil is in there. It'll have to go through a Canadian winter and I have a by-pass filter. I also have mixed variables to the point of being unscientific about some results. And I'm the moron that opened virgin bottles with a key, and got $150 VOA's that looked like Redline and Amsoil both loved putting metal shavings in their products. Apart from these glaring defects, I've been a Guinea Pig before, I'll do it again. Y'all got my email address and can PM me. Rob, the (oil especially) nut
I have waivered back and forth regarding the change, and I wouldn't post something that might persuade some people if I weren't confident in what I am about to say. I believe we will all be pleased with GoGC (Golden German Castrol). I believe (and it is purely "hunch") that what is happening is that the same technology/chemistry that made the 5W20 oils viable is at work here. Don't misunderstand, I am not saying that this new formula is a lower HT/HS...I am just talking about technology and chemistry. Also, I think we "passed the demand test" and that is why this new formula is appearing. Bottom Line: I think we are getting improved stuff now (the Elves don't rest on their laurels you know.) All hunches, but I feel good about them. [Cheers!]
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