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Mar 15, 2013
I have a cheap ir gun from oriellys. Its heavy clunky but has been reliable until the last week. Its blowing air when pushing the button once in awhile so i decided its about time to upgrade. I need a 1/2 inch air impact my choices on the truck are mac or snap on. Who makes them for the 2 companies? Any gun you would recommend? Thanks.
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IR makes both cheap and really good guns. I'm a UPS diesel semi mech. I have a good made in Japan ingersoll rand impact that's been flawless for years. I don't mess with overpriced tool trucks.
if you are on a budget the HF earthquake series is decent, or an aircat 1150
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I would get a better IR. IR2135tiMAX

This or the aircat.
Can't go wrong with the IR 2135 as recommended by the guys above.

I have a NitroCat 1200K. I bought it after using my buddy's 2135 (and liking it). It has been a great impact so far. It can be purchased off the Mac truck as part number AW612Q or you can save a few $$$ and buy it off Amazon for $185 with the NitroCat branding.

I'm not a professional, so I don't use it everyday, but it has worked out great for me over the past two years. It has done everything I've needed it to. I definitely recommend it.
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I use an earthquake every day. More powerful than my ir and mac guns and quieter too.great gun for $80.

Go for the HF 1/2 inch earthquake with the 20% coupon. If you hate the HF after a month you'll be able to sell it online without an issue.

Regards, JC.
Do you realize you cant just generically say go IR, they have Chinese versions now.
The benefit to buying off the truck for me is warranty and replacement concerns sure you pay kpre but you get good care of it breaks ill get a loaner and itll get fixed. With little effort on my end. I use it everyday so comfort is a huge factor. Also i bought a 3/8 snap on recently really like it but had to have it replaced out of the box it wouldn't switch from forward and reverse
Aircat 1150. My 2135TiMAX rattled itself to pieces, the push buttons fell out. For all the praise this gun gets it didn't deliver the reliability one would expect from IR.
The Aircat has been a much better gun. Avoid of the Nitro Cat (it is a good gun) it is a pin and clutch mechanism and not well suited to automotive work. The 1150 is the more desirable twin hammer.

Hazet makes some great guns (in house) but they are not available in the US so that's a moot point for the guys in the USA but for the guys in Europe they have a new 1400Nm 1/2 gun that really handles nice and packs a wallop.
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The earthquake is chinese and it blows many snap on, mac, IR and others out of the water for a measly sum of $75.
made in Taiwan,not China.defiantly a step above China imo
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