Should I add #132

Chattanooga, TN
I believe that two of the intial reasons for adding the #132 was to increase the viscocity of the lower range 30 weights like Mobil 1 and to add some moly to the oil So, guess it depends on whether the Chevron would need it, the Schaeffers definitely would not. I use it with my Amsoil, which is already a high 30W and it does seem to increase it to a low 40W but in the engines I use it this seems to be fine. I use the Brew, 6 ounces of #132 with 2 ounces of lube control and so far, not scientific, but it has produced better wear numbers then the straight Amsoil in the past. Amsoil has no moly!
Raleigh, NC
Originally posted by userfriendly: Why not ask the guys at the Chevron tech line 1-800-582-3835, and see what they think?
Because I asked here. I want an answer from people who actually know what they are talking about.