Shaeffer Oil beats others for my Honda 1.5 TDI 2018 Earth Dreams Engine......

If I knew how I would change the name of this infernal thread I could not wait to post a few months back from:

Shaeffer Oil beats others for my Honda 1.5 DI 2018 Earth Dreams Engine......​

to 2018 Honda Accord 1.5 Di Turbo Earth Dreams Engine beats me and my "boutique SHAEFFER oil down.........

I would also be eating my HUMBLE PIE except I rather crank them up on my stereo while I eat CROW for being stupid enough to think or fall for the stuff I been reading for 12 - 18 months about how all these oil companies have stepped up and responded to the LSPI and oil/fuel dilution going on with these small turbo direct injection engines. I ran my new Shaeffer oil for 3000 mi and the moment our weather cooled here (and I don't mean cold / just cool) in the high 40s to low 50s for a week..... KABOOM!!! Gas in oil with rising dip stick level. Ok, not to give up fast I drained and re-filled with fresh Shaeffer 9000 0w20 full synthetic oil. Put 1000 miles on the car and took a few 120 mile round trips along with several short ones. Drained that oil today and it IS FULL Of FUEL. There is no doubt. I had some idea that a good oil and add pack could cling to the parts and pistons / cylinders etc.... and slow or even stop the issue. WRONG. :( In between the laughing and telling me "told you so!" I wonder who knows what a really good similar sedan I can jump into from Honda's (present junk)!? I am thinking ...? Mazda? Toyota? Subaru? I just dont' know and can't believe I am now going to have to get rid of a car I just paid off for the first time ever cause it is defective! I tend to try and keep my cars like new for 10 years at least. Not this one I am certain now. I plan to do 2-3 UOA and bring them and my records of 5-6 oil changes over and above what it calls for to Honda and see what lines of BS they will shoot me as they raise their hands and LIE and say "oh, Honda addressed that issue and you can't be right!" Maybe it is lawyer time. ? 67,000 mi and I am ready to give it back. Sad part is we love the car except for driving around with a mixture of gas and oil in the engine. Ugh.
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Long / long time Honda Accord buyer (4th owned since 1997) and have 2 now. Since 2002 have always owned 2 at same time like now. Mine is 2009 Accord EXL (2.0 vetch engine) 167,000 mi, and wife has the 2018 Accord EXL (1.5 TDI engine) 65,000 mi. Been using Amsoil EX 5w20 in 2009 since day one. Started with Amsoil Signature 0w20 due to Honda TDI engine LSPI issues. Amsoil Signature is the highest rated preventive oil for the LSPI issues I could find. Used it and found that it turned dark really fast in the turbo (which is normal for a lot of oils in turbo service) but looked to change due to fuel in oil and rising level on dipstick. Never had used Shaeffer oil.
Switched to Shaeffer Supreme 9000 0w20 after reading about the company and oil make up. Ran Shaeffer thru a quick 3000mi session, drained and replaced filter and could see right away the oil was clearing up and level had stopped rising due to fuel getting into the oil. Did a 2nd 3000mi run. Oil looked so much better that I am now at 5500 miles and it is staying cleaner looking and no fuel detected thru rising dipstick level or gasoline smell when checking oil. I am going to stick with 0w20 Shaeffer 9000 Supreme oil for the 2018 Accord TDI engine and stay with my long time pattern of Amsoil EX 5w20 in the 2009 Accord 2.0 vtech engine. Neither of these oils are a problem for me to acquire. Order direct from both companies. Don't know why so many folks complain they cannot access these oils. If the Shaeffer oil had not stopped the LSPI / fuel in oil problem in the 2018 turbo I was all ready to trade it in. We like all the new design features of that Accord so we will keep it now.
Not what weight and kinda of Schaffer oil my brother runs in his 04 Toyota Tundra but it has over 600k miles. Without a single issue, does not burn any oil and still quiet.
Not what weight and kinda of Schaffer oil my brother runs in his 04 Toyota Tundra but it has over 600k miles. Without a single issue, does not burn any oil.
I truly believe Shaeffer is a great oil and as good or equal to many of the other very fine oils being produced today. Shaeffer is a family owned American business that happens to be the oldest oil company in the USA. My problem is not oil. My troubles are from a company I been loyal to for 25 years who are sticking it to their very own repeat customers. Their Di Turbo engines are causing lots of problems and they choose to avoid addressing it or simply saying they have done that with zero proof.