Seeking recommendations on ATF fluid for a 6AT 2022 Subaru BRZ that sees track & DD use

Sep 9, 2023
I'm seeking some recommendations on an ATF fluid choice for my 6AT 2022 Subaru BRZ. Up until now, the car has strictly been a DD — going forward, I anticipate putting it through 10-15 track days per year. It currently has ~13K miles on the original fill and I'm looking to do a 3x drain & fill prior to its first track day in mid October. Stock transmission, no transmission cooler at the moment but will be happy to add one if I find a reliable well made unit.

For context, 1st Gen cars used an Aisin-Warner A960E. I'm unfortunately not able to find which exact model of transmission is used in the 2nd gen GR86 / BRZ, however it is indeed an Aisin and possible the same as the 1st Gen cars, if not minorly adapted in some fashion (I've read that anecdotally).

The manual calls for ATF WS — does anyone have any perspectives that they can kindly share re any of the following choices or other recommendations to explore for a dual-use track & DD vehicle that is driven year-round in NJ/NY climate? I'm looking for something as stout as possible and shear-stable at higher temperatures experienced during track use. Since the large majority of GR86s and BRZs that see track usage are 6MTs, I'm not finding much on real-world experiences of 6AT users with non-OEM fluids.
  • Motul ATF VI
  • Motul Multi ATF
  • Redline D6 ATF
  • Valvoline Maxlife Multi-Vehicle ATF
  • HPL ATF Green

Thanks all!
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I know there has been much disappointment with WS in those applications - the Lexus forum is filled with much kvetching on that point. I would go ask in the IS subforum at ClubLexus or the GR86 forum - lots of real-world users there. Personally, I’d add a cooler (plenty of good ones readily available), then go with either Redline or HPL and not worry further.

In our (family) vehicles, I use MaxLife in lieu of WS and it works fine. The highest performance application I put it in is a GS 350 awd with a similar A760 transmission. It is not tracked or driven that hard routinely, and I have not installed an aux cooler on that car, though I have a couple I have done that to.
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After looking at all the spec sheets and a couple UOAs of the Motul VI ATF and Motul 300 75w90 gear oil from users on the GR86 forums, I've decided to just go with Motul for both ATF and diff fluid since they look good on paper and I can leverage the FCP Euro "lifetime replacement" on them for frequent drain/fills as the car racks up track days.
Personally, I’d add a cooler (plenty of good ones readily available)

Can you kindly recommend any or link to a few examples? This would be the first time I'm adding a transmission cooler, and I'm not seeing any made for the 2nd gen 6AT GR86 / BRZs.
The Haydn Rapid-Cool line is plate/fin design and they make small coolers that should fit.

You’ll need to measure what space you have. I prefer plumbing them DOWNstream of the existing radiator so you get maximum cooling. This won’t result in “too cool” oil as some speculate. I’ve verified this by using acurate trans temp gauges and checking temps at various atmospheric temps down to single digit F temps.

B&M, Derale, and others also make coolers. I would think guys on a Subie forum would be able to recommend what was the biggest unit they could fit in. Somebody, somewhere, has already figured this out and posted about it. It’s a fairly straightforward install, hanging it in front of the rad and running hoses a few feet to the radiator cooler and the trans return line.

Do it when you do the flushes so you adjust the fill volume for the added fluid volume. Personally, I like doing 9qts in one go as it mixes the new fluid with old fluid MUCH LESS and gets you a much cleaner fill, also saves a lot of time.