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May 27, 2002
Canberra ACT Australia
OK what do you catch/eat? Aussies are seafood crazy especially at Chrissie time. This year were only having oysters and prawns (shrimps) as we are going traditional with organic turkey for the first time in many many years.
sprintman, seafood in my region...a full 80 miles from the sea...involves supermarket 16 year olds running a block of frozen prawns under the hot tap until they are thawed enough to put a "thawed for your convenience" label over them. Roast duck, roast pork, on a Rinnai BBQ, jus the way I've done for a decade. I must admit that ACT has good seafood...just won't be there this year.
I like most fish -- things with gills and fins, but not anthing belonging to the arachnid family or any mollusks. My favorite fish is smoked trout. I'm not crazy about pink salmon, but I do like a good tuna steak. While I used to like flounder, I now stay away from bottom feeders due to their unsavory eating habits. I like catfish, bass and snapper. I refuse to eat eel and most carp is gross.
Shannow you would not believe the seafood that Fishco Downunder has at Belconnen Narkets. My brother came from Darwin and he was gobsmacked. Walk in and theres's a complete bloody shark hanging from the roof. Mate food in this town has gone rom abysmal to amazing. You want Ethiopian, Laotian, Erritrian, Thai, Turkish (the best), Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese, Cambodian, Korean, South Western American and any other nationality you can think of it's here. It is NOT the Canberra you used to know.
The only thing from the sea I won't eat is bob's square pants. Of course we get good salmon here. What's wrong with eel? Yum....eel teriyaki. I was very lucky to get lots of good stuff in coastal China. Sometimes I like crab more than lobster. Butterfish, aka Black"cod" is very tasty.
What's wrong with eel? When I was kid, which was in the pre-home computer era, I often went fishing with my friend and his dad on the Danube and at our local lakes and ponds. We caught lots of bass, trout, some catfish and unfortunately many eel. Now, I don't care for slippery things that weasel their way into freedom and that won't die easily. We tried clubbing them with beer bottles, but eel are quick and after considerable blunt force trauma they still snaked their way through the grass. The BB gun approach, that worked so well on bass and trout, failed. Eel's just unappetizing. They won't die quick or cleanly. I suppose we could have cut their heads off, but I bet that wouldn't have slowed the eel down one bit. Oh, and then there's the taste. Gah! I just hate that rank eel taste. My better half loves eel. She grew up in the area most famous for eel in Japan. Her parents keep sending her canned eel. I got like 30 cans in my pantry...
I do like sea eel (anago) better than river/freshwater eel (unagi). But all the frozen marinated stuff is unagi. Sometimes it can be all muddy tasting and awful, so I do know what you are saying. Other times it can be a real delight. Uni is not a real hit for me and occasionally causes a gag reaction in the mouth.........usually right when the wife unit says: "....uni is just the reproductive organs of a sea urchin......"
I used to like octopus and calamari but after yesterday's PBS special about them I highly doubt that I'll eat them again.
Red Snapper, chuckle head, copper rockfish, anything in that family is easy to catch and tastes great. they look cool too. Halibut is always taste good but they are a freak of nature (literally). the smaller the better they taste but the bigger they are the better they fight. the most fun to catch and taste great are albacore. you'll fight them 30 mins to get them in the boat! one fish will feed a faminly of 4 easily.
I eat white eel. It's called Tohe here. It's lot tender than Morey eel. The skin is soft and the meat is boneless. A lot of Ulua fisherman(White Jacks) like using it but hard to find. Usually catch it while nite torching but some have caught while fishing at nite. Nite feeders...comes inshore from the deep. Also like Opihi. I'll take that over crab or lobster anyday. Opihi miso soup with rice...better than clams..ono very good tasting.
sprintman - excellent link. I really like that website Mamala - wish I was there. Brother in law just moved back. Wife although native, does not wish to return to Hawaii, ever.
Well we were all going to the Farmers Market at 7:30am to get awesome organic veggies etc but not worth while now. Having the best food in the world just does not seem important when my wife's lying in Canberra hospital. Put's everything in perspective does it not?. If she makes it no more smokes, grog, red meat etc etc. I'll be at the hospital at 7:30am instead of the farmers market. It's 1:39am and I'm on here as I can't possibly sleep for obvious reasons.
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