Scratch on the bumper cover

Feb 13, 2020
My wife's Grand Cherokee suffered a shopping cart scratch. I ordered touch-up paint for the black marks shown. The area circled in blue has a very visible scuff mark about 4"x3." I was unable to photograph it, but from an angle it almost looks like it was scuffed with 100 grit paper. What compound or product do you recommend I buy to use to smooth it out before waxing. TIA, Dave.

I use Meguiar's Scratch X. Never failed me, but elbow grease is sometimes needed.
Thanks all for the reply's. I did try scratch x first as it always did the trick in the past. Not the best results this time. I picked up some polishing compound and 1500, 2000 and 5000 wet or dry paper. These should work for me.
Did you talk with the Store Manager? Their insurance may very well pay for the repair.

When shopping once at Toys”R”Us, a shopping cart blew on a windy day and hit my truck and traveled down the side of my truck.

I went inside to grab the Manager who looked at the damage and turned in a claim to their insurance. It was a $1,200 repair that Toys”R”Us paid for...and I didn't.

The grocery store is Woodman's in Wisconsin. We only shop there for select items not sold elsewhere. Problem is, they have a very peculiar "select" group of employees and clientele. I went back to Mills Fleet Farm and bought 3000 grit. I'll start with that in an inconspicuous spot.