Russian Airbus A320 lands in field.

Having one hydraulic system fail is not that uncommon. Should they schedule a flight to an airport where the aircraft cannot land safely in that case? Is it legal to take off from such an airport?

Though it actually sounds like the pilots made a bad decision and with proper knowledge they should have landed safely at the original airport.
I am convinced the pilots saw the loss of “ norm brake “ on the ECAM ( indicates to pilots what’s not working due to the failure ) status page and thought they lost anti skid which would have greatly increased the landing distance. All they lost was normal braking but had alternate brakes with anti skid working. That’s what probably made them think they had to divert.

That said, no way I would divert with the landing gear either stuck down or not fully retracted given the much ( 180% ) higher fuel burn.

Even if the pilots did not notice the landing gear had not retracted ( by looking at gear light indicator ) , how they could not feel ( slow climb, much higher cruise power ) and hear ( wind resistance ) it was still down defies common sense.

It’s not hard to do quick math ( FOB….how much are we burning by looking at fuel flow … long to diversion airport based on ground speed showing on ND screen ) in a situation like that.

So, part of the problem was not understanding the aircraft well but also because they didn’t do basic calculations ( FMS flight management computer is unreliable with fuel predictions when the gear is stuck down and I bet they relied way too much on what the FMS was telling them in terms of how much fuel they would have upon arrival at the diversion airport. They probably first realized when the low fuel lights came on ).
Mentour pilot has an interesting video on his website talking about the another Russian Airbus that landed in a corn field.

Landing gear was not retracted after power loss.
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You are not wrong and I bet that wouldn’t have happened without the sanctions in place. There is a good chance it’s to generate parts.

Since they invaded Ukraine, they have had no access to foreign parts or sources for any western-built aircraft. Aviation experts have been predicting the steady decay of their airline fleet. It’s probably worth a whole lot more as parts for other hulls in Russia vs. the cost of recovery and repair.
Russia is getting anything they want from the US through 3rd parties usually in Europe. All the fast food and coffee places still open with slightly changed names. Starbucks is now Star...same coffee.