Runaway Truck Ramp Test Video

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Here are some better videos I found on this page:

These vidoes show the system and how it works in slow motion.

Apparently the truck was going 90 km/h (55 MPH) and had a weight of 60,000 kgs (132,000 lbs).

Here is more info on this page:

When I was out in western Canada, I remember seeing many runaway ramps in the mountians. However, they were all just basically steep ramps.

This system is the a dragnet system where the truck hit a number of nets, which spool out and absorb the impact. Apparently their are very few of these type of runaway ramps in North America.
The ramps I've seen in Calif. are rock/gravel pits on a very steep incline and are on the right hand side of the road, never in the center.

Interesting videos BTW.
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