Rotela T4 -> now without API SM ?

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Sep 16, 2013
Hello, I always put Rotela Triple action 15w40 in my 350 gas engine boat. it seems that Rotela changed their formula with T4 instead of Triple Action. Triple action has these API : API: CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF. · API: SM, SL, SJ, SH · ACEA: E9, E7 · etc... We can see API : SM , for gasoline engine. Now T4 has these API :15W-40 CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4; ACEA E9; JASO DH-2, MA, MA2; Caterpillar ECF-2, ECF-3; Cummins CES 20086, 81; Detroit Fluids Specification (DFS) 93K222, 93K218; Deutz DQC III-10 LA; MACK EO-S 4.5, EO-O Premium Plus; MAN M3575; MB-Approval 228.31; MTU Category 2.1; Allison TES-439; Volvo VDS-4.5, VDS-4 no more API SM !! Is there a reason ?
It's been addressed a number of times. With an SN in an ILSAC HDEO grade (i.e. 0w-30, 5w-30, 10w-30), P has to be cut if an SN is to be shown. Some companies have brought SN with the CK-4 for their 15w-40 products (and other non-ILSAC grades), whereas others haven't, depending upon their formulation and marketing plans.
It is safe, but not ideal. If you need that heavy an oil in your gasoline engine, go with a high mileage 10W-40 such as Maxlife or Castrol.
You can. The formulation has obviously changed with CK-4 coming out, but it didn't become a marine lube or a two stroke diesel lube. It's still E7, E9, so it's safe. Oil companies prefer you to buy within specifications, of course, notably in the 40 grades when it comes to expensive A3/B4 lubes. wink
I called up the Shell tech hot line on Tuesday and asked if T-4 was still recommended for flat tappet engines. They said it was so I will continue to use it in my 1960's muscle cars. So in my case anyway, nothing has changed.
It still meets SM but shell has chosen to drop PCMO certification because of zddp levels. One of the shell contributors here stated that the formula hasn't changed. That said there are many other options for 40grade in PCMO
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