Replacing Nissan 75W-85 MTF

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Jun 1, 2011
Virginia, USA
Hello everyone. My Nissan Versa has a 6 speed manual gearbox. The service manual recommends a 30k or 24 month change. The car is 30 months old but not at the mileage. The oem fill is 75W-85 GL-4. Should I perform the fluid change? If so, who makes a synthetic 75W-85 GL-4?
Get some Redline MT-85. It's a 75W85 GL-4 manual transmission gear lube. Amazon, Jegs and Summit Racing Equipment might sell it.
Amsoil 75W-90 manual transmission fluid would also be an option, and might be more readily available. My local NAPA stocks it. Looks like you're already a fan of Amsoil products anyway.
I thought about Amsoil. I did not see a product for my car so I sent their tech support an email. Here was the reply "At this time AMSOIL does not have a product that will be usable in your 2012 Nissan Versa Manual gearbox. You will want to stay with using an OEM recommended product that meets their spec requirements." It looks like Amsoil is out.
Interesting, I guess the Redline is probably what you want then, or go to the dealer and get the OEM trans fluid.
I'd highly recommend redline. I have used it quite a few times in different applications.
Redline MT85 is a great choice. Summitracing has the Penrite GL4 75w85. There is nothing wrong with GM/Mopar/Nissan/Hyundai/Mitsubishi/Kia/Ford/VW GL4 gear oils. Amsoil is a tad thicker and shouldn't be an issue. I don't see a problem using any of the 90 grade GL4 gear oils. Most will shear into an 85 grade anyway. Lubegard gear fluid supplement is great for manual trans.
I second the recommendation for Nissan MTF. I tried something else once and quickly went back to the OE oil. I don't know that there are any similarities between our transmissions other than being Nissan 6 speeds.
My recommendation would be 10 cSt@100C MTL's such as the Redline MTL 75W80 GL-4 Gear Oil or the Amsoil MTG for Virgin-Ia weather. 75W90's may cause cold weather shiftability problems.
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