Repair it or retire it

If I choose not to replace them and keep using the car as it is, eventually it will affect the exhaust system because of the engine movement at every acceleration.
So? It's a $1500 car at best. If you spend $600 for the mounts, maybe the transmission will go out next week. Unless the engine is about to fall out, drive it as is.
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I say fix it. The $600 for some engine mounts if they are really bad enough is less than a couple car payments. So if you spend it and get 6+ months out of the car you are ahead. Plus it buys you time to find the car/price you want.

Also, if you have the same luck I do, after you put in the money you will find a car to buy right after!! LOL!! Its a bit of money, but not thousands. I think the 600 is low enough to risk it and keep it on the road longer until you feel more ready to buy.
Thank you, everyone. I appreciate all comments.

The underbody is not bad but the side skirts and the wheel well is bad. The windshield top side is rusted too. The cost to fix that was 2K when the car was worth $3K so I put a clear bra tape and called it a day. It has been holding well for over a year.

This is how it looks behind the wheel. He took out the wheel to fix the rear shield that was scraping the rotor.
2023-05-16 15_22_52-WhatsApp.jpg

@Ausfahrt, I am just outside NewYork City.

@SC Maintenance Thank you for checking it up for me. It is 1.8L engine and they are discontinued.

Will give a thought to the comments and decide whether to fix it. Running it as it is not an option because the jerk that I feel sometimes is very unsettling and will affect exhaust system flex pipe so I will have to spend one over the other.

Thanks again.
If engine mounts are all it needs right now, I would go ahead and spend the money. Car prices are slowly coming down, but interest rates are in the stratosphere, double what they were this time last year. Aftermarket mounts suck, but they might survive long enough for you to get by at least until interest rates drop. You'll come out ahead even if the car only lasts 6 months on the $600 you put into it now. Could be a year or two, but I would repair and wait.
I second fixing. My wife totaled her 4Runner a few weeks ago that we bought last year for 30k. Bought a minivan this time around for 22k. With the same term, the payment came out the same as we were paying because of the ridiculous interest right now. And I have a 780 credit score.
You may not even have to replace all of them to fix the “jerk”. That may be as simple as the top-side mount. But, $600 to keep a running car running a little longer, i probably would. That’s 2 car payments for an inexpensive car.
"...What would you folks do?..."
junk yrd for motor mounts. They'll deliver em here 8^ 0
(BUT... sounds like car needs more. Also, U may not havea lift, time, tool, skill).
"...What would you folks do?..."
junk yrd for motor mounts. They'll deliver em here 8^ 0
(BUT... sounds like car needs more. Also, U may not havea lift, time, tool, skill).
That's the thing... keeping an old car alive is a very different thing when you don't have the skills, tools and workspace to do the work yourself. I love my older vehicles, and feel lucky that I have the knowledge, space, tools, and time to enjoy working on them. I completely understand why people pay others or just lease vehicles though. With how busy my job is now, I barely have the time to do stuff myself. If I was just one notch busier, or had children, I wouldn't be able to do it.
pay 1 way or t'other (time or money)
Some places they dont have 'set it & forget it' but enjoy
puttin a lill love on their rig. Not in merica (well, not all over anyway).
That's Y Toy'n Honda sell so well here.
Easy enough DIY fix. Depends on how rusty it is. Aftermarket motor and transmission mounts are cheap enough, just learn how to replace them. I've used cheap aftermarket mounts on my 1995 Escort and they were fine.
depending on the type of mount you can fill it with 3m windo weld and have a brand new poly mount made from your old mount. don't do it with the mounts still installed tho
Buy the cheap mounts off rock auto, get some windscreen sealant/glue and fill all the voids in the bushes with the glue. This will effectively reinforce the mounts which should help them lest longer. Then give them to your mechanic and get him to fit them fit you.
I think it's all about the rust. The aftermarket mounts will get you a few years. That's all you need. Get a Walmart Value battery for $75.

But if the rust takes over then it's time for the bone yard is approaching.

My brother brought a 2004 4Runner in for a oil change and to evaluate the rust condition. The mechanic suggested he get a ride home. The rust was that bad.
use same mechanic over'n over again. Find 1 U trust'n stick w/em. Often these guys are not the pricy ones. Use ur network to find one (wrd of mouth/recomendations). Follow his lead or DIY.
We do brakes'n exhausts, sure, but weld'n fab, tiny bit of collision (usually we buy rehab sell) likewise w/'body'. Keep several company's trucks running (NQR 25 ft box, F-550 4WD, the worse 2 1T van lift trucks, some local loggers & more).