Rental Review: 2020 Tacoma TRD 4WD

I don't like my Tacoma because I own it. I own it because I like it. There is nothing holding me back from being able to replace my '15. Within reason I could purchase any vehicle I so choose.

But I choose to keep my Tacoma. The TRD seats are among the most comfortable I've experienced. The ride is firm but more than acceptable. The 4.0 is punchy and smooth. The transmission shifts flawlessly. Sometimes I drop it down into 4th when I'm driving in town. Makes for a very responsive drivetrain. Love the ground clearance, it's ease of maintenance and it's versatility. And I never have to am I going to get that home when shopping somewhere.

I commute 50 miles a day to and from work. Zero issues with comfort. And my wife and 2 kids have never once complained about uncomfortable seats or bad ride quality....and that includes times where we chose to take it on long road trips.

Then there's reliability. Dead on. Not one issue. I expect to take this vehicle well north of 200k with basic maintenance.

Everyone has their opinion....and I respect that. But sometimes I think people just spit out what they've heard. Or maybe they read too much Consumers Reports. Professional reviews don't mean s**t to me. I'm the one who lives with this vehicle daily. That makes me infinitely more qualified to judge it than some guy who just stepped out of BMW 5 series and is now going to review a truck.
My experience tells me that the professionals are often times jaded and out of touch with what the average person cares about
Agreed, but to an extent. There are plenty of members here who are average people but cannot wrap their minds around why somebody would like something they don’t and seem to take it almost as a personal attack.
south dakota
I would prefer the Taco over the other brands just for the simple reason I feel they are more reliable and hold a better resale value. I don't know if they sit any higher but they look like they have a nicer stance. I just don't feel as if Ford or GM are built as well. I own a Ford F-1 ****TY and have had great luck with them and I need a big truck to pull my Lund boat. If I was to buy a smaller truck I would buy the Taco in a heartbeat and NOT put a lift kit and all that garbage on it. Mostly stock for me.