Rental car companies not "salvaging" accident vehicles?

I should clarify that they TRIED to scam me out of several hundred dollars, over $800 to be exact but the credit card took care of most of it. I paid $160 out of pocket. Bunch of crooks.

“I had an issue with Enterprise regarding an assembly failure of a body panel. The attaching clips had broken and Enterprise said I damaged it. Even showing the manager what had happened did not change her mind. Since I used a credit card with benefits the loss was paid except for diminished value which was $160. The total bill was around $800. In talking to my insurance agent they were very much aware of Enterprise running this scam. National and Alamo are also part of the group. A lot of people do not realize that not only do you pay for the damage itself but for the diminished value loss and the loss of revenue while the vehicle is out of service. Taking a video of the walkaround was recommended by my agent and that sounds like good advice. Never again will I deal with Enterprise group.”

There was no actual damage. The retainer clip for the front fender panel at the bottom of the tail aft of the wheel failed and that part of the panel was sticking out. This was on a brand new Chrysler Pacifica.

That’s unfortunate. I always suggested people take at least the damage waiver. Even when i rented i never rented without the damage waiver. Enterprise is picky on damage and the damage can be something someone else caused to the vehicle when it was in your possession. I have seen a lot of upset people that had to pay for damage that was caused by others. Im not saying those clips were your fault im just saying how enterprise employees are trained. We got a lot of people that tried to hide damage from us. It was also very common for a lot of these new vehicles to have clip issues. I remember constantly having to pop front bumpers of many sedans back in.