remote filter base+engine oil cooler, which first?

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Oct 1, 2005
Newport News, VA
Should the oil come from engine to filter to cooler then back to the engine OR engine-cooler-filter-engine Also, reading about the bypass valve dome end or head end, makes me wonder if the filter should be on its side. This will be for a marine motor. Example here, they make sure you realize where the bypass valve is and what can happen.
My shadetree opinion is you want the oil to be hot when it goes through the filter, and then cool it before it goes back to the motor. Are you going to use a thermostat setup, or route the oil through the cooler all the time?
it is a full flow setup, so oil flows all the time. yes makes sense to have hot oil in the filter. I will likely mount the can upright so I can fill it with oil after it gets changed and wont make such a mess when unscrewed.
filter base takes a PL30001 or Fram PH8 style filter. So which ones have the bypass in the head portion? I would prefer the Pure One.
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