Redline oil

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Jul 17, 2003
Can't believe I never knew about this site until now!
I'm an enthusiast who's been using Mobil 1 since 1986. Also during that time I've had a couple of turbo powered cars. In those I always use Redline because I believe it offers a higher degree of protection than any other synthetic that's easily available to me.
I always used 10w30 Redline based on my converstion with Roy Howell of Redline some years ago when I had my S4. I now have a WRX and I just switched from the 10w30 to 10w40 for the summer months.
Interesting that the 10w40 looks (darker) and smells different than the 10w30. Anyone know if the additive package is that much different between the two?
I think I'm going to love this site!
We would truly love to see some more UOA's on Redline. The results so far have ranged from a very few "speck-tack-you-ler" to some amount of "ho-hum, $7 qt, for that?"

So welcome and get in touch with Terry Dyson. (I recommend his talking two CD set
It's good to see another "Rex" owner running the Redline.

I just switched over from Mobil 1 also and am very pleased with the improvement in oil pressure and better turbo spool-up. Engine just sounds friskier, and I'm getting less deceleration noise on lifting the throttle.

Hard to say about the additive packages (I'm running 5W30 in mine and it looks dark too)-some batches of oil can look a little different even within the same grade--could be just normal variation in production. Maybe Terry would know more about this.
RL's racing oils have a much different additive package than the street oils, but I would think the different grades of street oils are pretty similar as far as additives go.
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