recommend an oil for 03 Jeep Liberty 3.7L

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Feb 27, 2005
Carmi, IL
Stash of Havoline synthetic is gone
Gotta get a new oil for the wife's KJ. Engine is 3.7L V-6, has 80K on the clock. Have run mostly the havoline synthetic in it since we have owned it, did a change or two with PP, but seemed to have more valve noise with PP vs. Havoline syn, even the wife noticed it.

So, will be using a wix filter and would like to use a synthetic I can find at walmart.

I was thinking either Valvoline syn power, Valvoline max life syn, M1 5-30 or even 0-30, maybe even the QS syn (Q power?), and havent ruled out PP.

Any suggestions based on UOAs? OCI will be probably 6 months, which should be less than 6000 miles.
g/f has an 07 Nitro w/ the 3.7. It has seen OCi's of Amsoil XL 5w20, Synpower and PP since 63 miles on the clock. It now has 66k and runs great. Pure speculation and/or conjecture, but it (as if the car was an entity upon which to draw from) does seem prefer the PP as the magic elixir for our 3.7
I was running dealership dino in my 2008 Jeep Liberty. Made the switch just to Motorcraft semi-syn 5w-20 and WOW what a difference in noise. With the MC, the noise dropped off at least 75%. Since its a lease, Im sticking with the MC semi-syn. If I owned it, I'd only run Valvoline synpower.
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