rebates after 5/4/2009 any info out there ?

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Nov 5, 2004
Was curious as to what everybody thinks will happen to the current rebates that end on 5/4/2009.

My wife and I are buying a new Honda CRV and the current offer is $500 cash back.

Would hate to buy the car then see the offer changed to $1,000 cash back on the 5/5/2009, if I would have just waited.

Have not been able to find any info on the internet and the dealers say they do not know LOL !
dealership lie about rebates, they well ahead what rebate is coming up.
u could buy now but put in writing! that if the rebate increase they will give that cash bak. or negotiate free service that amount. else walk.
unless u put in writing and we owe u slips, good luck
The CRV is due for an MMC this fall, so the rebates will likely continue for the next few months, and be really good at the end of this model year.

Then again, the '10s might have the z-series K24's from the Accord and who knows what other goodies the 07-09's dont.
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