REALLY bad joke


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Apr 28, 2008
Ontario, Canada
I saw this one in a video on facebook and just had to share. Warning: It is AWFUL!!!

A frog walks into a bank and approached the teller. He notes her nametag, she is Patricia Whack. He tells her that he's there to take out a $50,000 loan. She asks for some identification, to which he replies that he's Kermit Jagger, his father is Mick Jagger, the famous rocker. She's a bit flustered, him being a frog and all, and tells him, well, we'll need some form of collateral. He says "no problem!" and reaches into his rear pocket and pulls out a tiny porcelain elephant. Exasperated, she says that she'll have to speak to the manager. She brings the manager back, and explains the situation, pointing to the elephant and says "I asked him for collateral and he hands me this, what even is it?!"

The bank manager, quite laid back, turns to her and says: "It's a knick-knack Patti Whack, give the frog a loan, his old man's a rolling stone"

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