Random no start issues

FORScan is little to no cost, and can do PATS programming
Strattec (OEM Ford) key blanks are inexpensive on eBay
Order two new keys, have them cut locally, program yourself
Yes, but it seems as much work if not more vs fixing it properly
PATS is what's keeping FoMoCo products safe
Are you listening Kia Boyz 🤨
If this was an early GM VATS system, I'd have a resister in it and bypassed within 10 minutes or so
I was asking because if it's easy enough to bypass I wouldn't worry so much about a >20 year old vehicle being stolen.
There's a third-party box which generates a replica of the key code and sends it to the PCM. It is necessary for aftermarket remote-starts, so the engine can be started without a key present.

As @Dave9 said, such a device is a potential failure point, it may not be as reliable as the OEM system working properly. And you lose theft security.
I'd worry about a 20 year old vehicle being stolen. Consider crackheads, who don't have the skills to hack a more modern automobile, but understand the idea of shoving a screwdriver in a lock cylinder and twisting till it pops, and might think the vehicle is old enough not to need more done than that.

The only way to bypass PATS is have a custom tune flashed to the PCM that switches it off. I mean sure you can have an aftermarket remote start box that emulates a key or even has one of your keys' chips put in it, but that's not really bypassing pats, just using an alternate location to validate an already programmed key code.

Forscan can program PATS keys, and is free for the extended license trial Windows version you'll need to do it. I'm not sure if you can even pay to get the full extended license version right now because of the ongoing ukraine war and payment processing problems resulting from that.