Radiator fin tube cleaning

Nov 28, 2020
While I had the AC condenser w/integral oil cooler out I decided to clean the radiator fins out. I'm guessing this is the first time with the OEM condenser/oil cooler out of the way. On my last trip down to southern Ca. I had used my buddies hose on the back side of the radiator (no nozzle attached) after spraying with some coil cleaner. Thought that did the job. Wrong. The following are before and after pics of the front of the radiator...

Much cleaner and cooler running. This is on my 94 GM P-30 chassis Southwind Storm.

I used ZEP HD Citrus cleaner (spray bottle) and several spray bottles of distilled water I had 1gal. (all I had given RV was in storage with no water access). Came out great!