Radar Dimax AS-8 Diamond in rough

Feb 19, 2006
Stewartstown PA
I bought a 2000 Lexus LS 400 over a year ago with 134000 miles and now has 163000. A friend who sells cars sold me the car for 4000 and noted that the previous owner should have aligned the car when he purchased the dimax as-8 about 20000 miles before according to the carfax. My friend had the car aligned and rotated the tires before I bought the car. I am a tire snob even though money is tight-I never would have bought these tires or even found them when I have done tire searches in the past. I decided to just run them into the ground and get new tires sooner rather than later. Well it has been 30000 miles later-and tires have 47000 miles on them-and they have not been rotated since I bought them. I have to say regardless of price they have been excellent tires. They have a nice combination of road feel and absorbing bumps on highway-which I encounter daily in the York County Pa area and also near my work in Baltimore Maryland area. They corner nicely-again for perspective driving a 2000 LS 400 and even though am spirited driver-I don't drive back roads like a Porsche-that being said-the tires communicate such a good feel to the road that I have been aware of their strengths and limitations when taking corners. They are a quiet tire-even now as the right rear is worn down between 2-3/32nds; left rear is between 3-4/32nds and they are between 4-5/32nds in front. I drove in down pour last week and they tracked well with no hydroplaning at all. The Vehicle stability control light has never come on when driving in the rain-and did come on a few times on icy back roads in pa or when driving on about 5-6 inches of snow-which could still do in a heavy rear wheel drive 8 cylinder car. My tire size is 225/60/16 Michelin Premier As tires are 141.00 Pirelli Cintuarto p7 As plus are 114.00 Vredestein Quatrac 5 are 108.00 General AltiMAX 43 are 102.00 All four of these tires using price on Tirerack as well as Simple Tire which sells the Radar tires. Radar Dimax As-8 are 65.00 in Simple Tire-free shipping and saw them on sale on Wally World . Com for 54.00 last night with free two day shipping to store near me. Wanted to post this review because I viewed them with a strong negative bias-I initially thought they might have been the older Michelin S8 tires when saw the car and looked closer and saw Radar and really almost didn't get the vehicle because I am a tire snob. I didn't give tires a thought Until a few months of ownership and thinking these tires ride comfortable-handle well-are quiet-and excellent in the rain. My car is a gas guzzler rated 18-25 mpg-I do highway in stop and go Baltimore Rush hour traffic- but also times where drive straight home later without traffic-drive close to 80 in 65 mpg speed limit.. have consistently got 20-21 mpg and recently have crept up to 22-23 mpg as tires have worn down more. The highest mpg has been 25 and that was two weeks ago driving to and from jersey shore late night mainly on back roads staying between 50-60 mph. Lowest mpg have gotten was 17 mpg and that only happened once. Have only had these tires on this car so can't give relative opinion on rolling resistance but will say they have been consistent right at 20-21 mpg on last 30000 of my ownership-would also note that I have ran 0w40 oils in car mainly also redline 5w30. Currently went lighter using Motul energy 5w30 which is full saps but extremely light oil. Have to say car has seemed more peppy with lighter oil and it hasn't consumed any oil with all oils have tried including this one which has about 4500 miles on it now. This is only thing found about tire from third party. http://www.tractionnews.com/omni-united-adds-dimax-as8-to-radar-range/ Simple tire website has many consumer reviews as does amazon-but no other professional consumer reports time reviews. Feel free to ask me any questions-I am likely just going to get these tires again-which I never do-love to try out new tires all the time-but I honestly would pay in the range of 100-115 for this tire in this size. Of note this Dimax As-8 tire also had load index of 102 and a V speed rating with 60000 mile warranty-most other tires in this size are T-H with standard load rating.
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In light snow less than 3-4 inches I was able to drive up incline from house that has flat surface so would drive on that for thirty feet then get up hill. Was able to navigate side roads-so overall decent-the vehicle stability light came on about 4-5 times in winter especially when taking sharper curve with decline. I had a precious rear wheel drive Mercedes diesel that I put on General Altimax tires. Would say altimax were better in snow but Dimax as-8 handled better in dry and wet-Dimax are quiet tires and would hear them because Lexus is quiet engine-the 93 Mercedes Diesel engine was louder than general tires. Here is another website that shows different tires they sell. I definitely have a bias against cheaper tires-and that is probably reason am impressed with them-because they impressed me despite my bias. https://omni-united.com/brands/radar/
I miss these tires. Waited too long to order them online and ended up getting Michelin defenders which were on sale . The Radar tires felt more secure on the highway-had a much better handling/comfort combination-Drove way better in the rain and overall was much better tire. I understand comparison with the Michelin Premier AS would be a more fair comparison-but overall think the Radar Dimax As are probably one of the best all season choices out there.