Questions about 2 mixes after Arx-Rinse...and about cold-start.

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
Hi all,

I'll be ending my ARx-Rinse in about a week, and I hope to use dino oil from now on, which eliminates the use of Pennz.HM 10/30(which i have been using before Arx), 'cause I'm scared of starting my 1/2 qt/2000 miles consumption again.

I want to use Chevron 10/30, but want it to be thicker, so I thought of mixing 2 qts Delo400 15/40 with 3 qts of Chevr.supr 10/30, but have 2 questions about this:

1) will this "mix" be too thick if the temps are at about 17F(+) at start-up? that's the lowest in the mornings it has gotten here in Oak Ridge, TN. so far.
2) How would a mix of dino Pennz.10/30 and LL 15/40 in the same ratio compare to the Chevr/Delo. mix?

more info: engine is a 1997 4.6L sohc with 92,000 miles, I'll also be doing an UOA with above mentioned mix, when I've decided which one to use.

Thanks in advance...
I've mixed the Chevron Delo 400 15w-40 and Supreme and performed a UOA on the mix recently. Its all good...

1) 17F isn't too cold for the oil for the mix you suggested. I was using a full crankcase of Delo 400 until Thanksgiving when it was hitting 22F at night. It turned over a bit slower, but not deathly slow. After that, I drained out 3 quarts of the Delo and used the Supreme. Not a single problem with this starts right up.

2) Have no idea--I don't find the Pennzoil products worth the extra $$ after using the Chevron/Havoline products. Just my $.02.


Thanks for the reply...I'm a little relieved about the cold-start doubts of that mix, and I hope it'll work for me also.
I think I'll go with the Chevr/Delo400 mix.
Did you ever do a Voa of the mix?

Originally posted by 97tbird:
Did you ever do a Voa of the mix?

Good question--I've never thought of it, actually. I guess with only going 1700 miles on the most recent UOA, it's about as close to a VOA as I'll come to. It looks pretty clean with a good dose of calcium.

I'm thinking of using Auto-Rx maintenance dose in the post-rinse phase to see if the oil can go 6K in a 4 cyl car. Heck, going only Delo 400 would be just fine in the hot summertime around here.
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