question on oil leak

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Sep 20, 2005
my wifes 00 malibu suppose to have 2 oil leaks on the main seals. but the funny thing is it has never used any oil. could this leak been sealed by the oil buildup? or just a place trying to get some more money? I am going to prob use auto rx in the car and take care of this possible leak. safe than sorry right? It just seems wierd that theres a leak on the motor but never used any oil.
Who sez it has leaks? Any oil stain or fresh oil on the underside of the engine? If there is no drip and no oil is used, then there can't really be a leak.
I cant see anything under the car but I am 6'2" and 260 LB and the car sets low so cant get too far up under the car. and it was the oil change place. I think its a stain because never see anthing on the ground ever.
When I had my GMC in for a wiper motor recall ,the dealer told me I that I had a "significant oil leak" comming from my intake manifold. " For about 1500 bucks we can fix it" I new right away this was ** because my oil level never moves much.When I check it out I found that the long filler tube to the power steering pump had come loose and some fluid had seeped out, it was still above the add mark. Don't beleave to much of what these guys tell you.
I never really do. especially beings it never moves off the full mark and own the car for about 4 years. just wanted to make sure its ok. thats all and this is one site that you can get a straight answer from it. and hear other people experiances.
I've had mutiple shops tell me I had an oil leak on my old car. But it never used a drop of oil between 10000 km oil changes. I eventually started doing my own oil changes and I got under the car and noticed some oil near the back of the engine which had me a little worried. As I was finishing up my oil change I was pouring fresh oil into the filler cap and spilled a bit of oil, which then dripped it's way down to the back of the engine right to where I thought the leak was coming from. That might be something to check into. I was pretty convinced I had a leak before I saw that.
DJ, I think that you are on the right track knowing about your own car and using common sense. Even if it was just a stain forming, at some point you would have to add oil if there was a leak of any significance.
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