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Aug 4, 2002
Ontario , Canada
Bob, I have two quick questions regarding Schaeffers Oil. Dunno if this has been asked before,but here it goes. Firstly, is there a reason why Schaeffers doesnt sell a full synthetic engine oil ?. Is it related to keeping the costs more reasonable for the customer ?, or is there a quality about conventional oil that is desireable in the mix of a blended oil which can't be achieved by a fully synthetic oil ?. Secondly, how do you feel about using Schaeffers synthetic blend in racing conditions ?. Does the synthetic blend hold up well under racing conditions or is more of a daily driven street oil ?. I see a reference to racing use on the website but I haven't read much on it. ] Any info you can provide would be great. thanks. [Canada]
Bob: Saw the video you posted recently. Are those 60,000mi OTR oil changes with the blend? I'm not shooting for intervals like that. Just curious. Sorry, missed that question, the oils used by those trucks are using either the blend or the molybond. I cannot believe I did that [Duh!] [Bang Head] , I thought I hit the " " option on your post and instead had hit the edit button and then I started to respond to your question which I wiped out your previous comments . [Dummy!] I'm really sorry about that, please don't beat me up too badly [ December 15, 2002, 01:12 PM: Message edited by: BOBISTHEOILGUY ]
thanks for the reply, I didn't notice their full PAO formula on some info that was sent to me from one of their distributors. I better check their website again. I guess that would make sense if their testing showed that their blends hold up well and they can offer them to the public at a reasonable cost. I will definitely be trying out a batch and testing, just trying to figure out what formula would be best.
Bob, I think I will give the Supreme 7000 formula a try in 5w-30, for daily driving purposes. What do you think of this oil in an engine that calls for 5w-30 ?, or should I be looking at the Micro moly formula ?. Looking to keep oil changes around 5000 miles, don't care for long drain intervals, more concerned to limit engine wear as low as possible. thanks for any info. Joey
thanks for the info, I located the Canadian rep. so I will get in contact with them. I appreciate the quick reply. I will let you guys know how the analysis testing works out, I am really looking forward to trying this oil out. [Cheers!]
Here is a little list of the racers using the schaeffers blends, not the full synth. Schaeffers only has 2types of racing oil, the blend or the mineral. RACING #110 MICRON MOLY® RACING OIL SAE 30 THROUGH 50 SJ #191 MICRON MOLY® RACING OIL SAE 20W-50 #705 SUPREME 7000 RACING OIL SAE 20W-50 Some of the others that might not be listed on this sheet is 2000 &2001 southern all stars asphalt champion Ricky Turner southern all stars champion Bobby Gill Dick Cobb Nascar gatorade all pro champion for 2 yrs Wayne Anderson, Frankie Grill Chassis. As for making full synth's, it has been shown by oil anlysis that the blends perform as well as synth's for wear protection and does an excellent job on extended oil drains in comparision to most synth's from what I have seen. Synth's do not lubricate any better than standard oils. They do however flow better in cold weather, and in most cases do better in extended oil drains against conventional oils, but schaeffers, like LE,RP,Redline, is a specialized oil that is not conventional therefore does work as well as synth's for wear,extended drains,and pumpability. That's why I have never sold a drop of full synth. Don't need it. Currently I am running the straight mineral oil in my car with a fram, with over 7,000 miles on it. Waiting on the analysis to come back to see if I need to pull it, but at 4k it had more life still left in it.
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