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Jun 7, 2003
I have a 1998 Durango with 85000 miles on it. This is my first oil change since buying it. I'm pretty sure it has only had dino oil in it so I think that is what I will keep using. I am thinking about the high mileage formula oils. Which company makes the best one? I picked up some penzoil 10 30 but I will return it to wal mart if there is a better choice. Also, I have always used fram filters but will consider a change. What about the double guard fram, is it better? My other car is my wifes 2003 neon. Ot has less than 3000 miles and we will probably be doing our own changes on it also. I plan on doing oil and filter changes every 3000 miles so I think I will use dino oil. I need opinions on which dino oil is the best for my high mileage car and new car. Also opinions on filters. Sorry for the long post and thank you.
You will quickly find out that frequent oil changes are a pain! [Roll Eyes] I would choose a synthetic oil first unless you are really determined to do 3000 mile oil changes especially in the newer vehicle. The Durango you could switch to a synth also unless you have any oil consumption or leaks. As far as the filter, you could use the supertech filter instead of fram. There is no such thing as bad oil, its just that some oils are better than others.
frequent oil changes do not bother me. I will have to change the oil about every 3 months. I take it to a friends house after work and we both do it. I think I like the peace of mind of changing it every 3000 miles. I'm just not sure if the high mileage oil is better than the regular for my Durango and which dino oil is best for my Neon. Thanks for the info and keep it coming.
According to a lots of post here you are ok with the Pennzoil Purebase 10w30. Filters , anything but Fram, go with AC, Wix,Dana gold , and Carquest blue. I beleive that this set up will last 5000 miles,so 3000 miles is IMO a waiste of time and energy.If you want to make sure get an Oil analysis.
Brad What your doing is probably fine even with a Fram. At least until Bob finishes his flow testing. But like the banner ad says. "Your engine is talking are you listening " Don't change a thing but on your next change spend an extra $12.00 to $35.00 and know whats going on. What you might learn could save you a little money by extending your drain interval, a lot of money by uncovering a real problem with your oil or engine or just give you peace of mind. I would be grateful if you would post a UOA ( Used oil Analysis) so wee all can see how Penn and Fram are doing in your application.
I understand that the Fram double-guard filters are better than the regular Fram filters, but I concur with the others and stay away from Fram. As far as oil, 85K is not really high mileae, unless your Durango is using/leaking oil. Otherwise I'd stick with a top-quality dino oil such as Pennzoil, Havoline, Castrol GTX, or Chevron Supreme. Wjen your Durango starts to use oil, you can switch to Pennzoil High Mileage.
Greg, "fram double guard filters have Teflon in them. return the filter if you bought it." Can you elaborate on your comment? My understanding is that the Teflon is on the gasketing only, to aid in removal at oil change time, and is not in the filtering media itself.
The double guard filter contains a little absorbent piece inside of it that contains teflon, which is released into the oil when running. Not the best idea, but do what you like...
MNgopher, Thanks for the clarification. Yet another reason to think twice about Fram. I think I'm thinking of the PureOne...don't those have teflon on the gasketing for easier removal?
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