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Nov 23, 2004
Brooklyn, NY
Ok, so I still consider myself a newbie, so I need to ask. What is GC, how do I know its GC , what seperates it from other castrol oils, is it synthetic or dino, and last, what makes it better, if it is? Thanks.
GC is German Castrol. It comes in a regular looking Castrol Syntec bottle, however it will say "Made in Germany" on the back, and it comes in a 0w-30 flavor. What seperates this oil from other Castrol Syntec oils, is that this one is PAO (yes, a real synthectic), very complex in design. It was a mystery up until a few months ago when we finally got the results back for an extensive oil analysis, and confirmed that this oil is pretty much built like no other. It is a very good oil. Alot of people, including myself, have noticed a decrease in engine noise, startup clatter, the whole nine. It has an entire forum dedicated to it...check it out. Very interesing reading awaits you.. [Cheers!]
Originally posted by Eli89SHO: what seperates it from other castrol oils? Thanks.
Its made by ELVES!!!! The rest of the questions, while making interesting reading, is not important. When searching for GC, park your car and stand outside the store...listen very carefully...if you can hear, ever so faintly, in the background, the music..."Do you believe in Magic", the magic elixer, the greeness of good, the Elixer of truly inside.... Just IMHO, YMMV darrell sin city
Originally posted by bighead: I need to add some clearification to my earlier post. Everything I said pertains to the Green GC. That MUST be corrected...ok, load off shouldedrs...feels better [Big Grin]
It is a good thing you cleared that up! [Wink]
Originally posted by bighead: Very interesing reading awaits you.. [Cheers!]
Hm-m-m-m...the Elves found the reading pretty ordinary... [Wink]
After reading some recent posts concerning newly arrived stock, the new stuff doesn't look the same - smell the same - perform the same. Not sure what's gonna happen next, but all the hoopla may of been a temporary thing.
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