QSUD 5W-30 Walmart

Apr 24, 2021
So I have been hunting for QSUD 5W 30 on the Wally World shelves in the 5 quart jug for over 3 months to no avail and have tried at least 12 different locations. Even Wal-Mart online ordering system says out of stock/backorder/etc. Anyone know the reason behind this by chance?

With consuderstion to just the QSUD lineup. Every Wal-Mart I've tried has a huge abundance of the 5 quart jugs of the Euro QSUD 5W 40 some have QSUD 5w 20 a few 0W 20, and very few 10W 30. A few select places did have the QSUD 5W 30 in the individual quart size. (More expensive per quart.) As far as the other QS lineup. QSFS, QSAD, QSHM, QSAM etc. They have every flavor weight range you can think of. Some Home Depots are still stocking the QSUD 5W 30 10W 30 but they are $3-$4 more.

Here is where my confusion lies and I believe it was discussed on a few threads here. From my understanding? There has been a bit of a lineup consolidation in QS. The QSAD has been pulled correct? And anything left on the shelf is NOS? Or has it been consolidated into the new QSAM label? Or is QSAM a blend of synthetic/DINO? Also? Does the QSFS have the same properties/similar specs as QSUD? Same amount of moly ppm? The other thing I noticed is I searched QS's site and product list, and QSUD no longer comes up in their product selection unless you specifically search for it. Anyone here have any first hand info on what is currently going on with their product line? I'm loving how quiet the QSUD oil runs in the 2GR FE and want to get me some more to stock up on in my 5W 30 grade (Or newly labeled substitute if that's the case.)

Thanks in advance.
It's a little messed up at Wal-Mart right now. Two weeks ago, I re-ordered 6 quarts of "QSUD" 5w-30 for my Silverado, from WM. I simply did a re-order of my last purchase of QSUD in February. Both of the links, in the February order, for the 5 quart jug and one quart bottle, were for QSUD.

The 5 quart jug link for QSUD now redirects to page for QS Full Synthetic, with a picture of a jug labelled "QS Full Synthetic". The one quart link for QSUD now redirects to a page that refers to it as "Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic", and shows a bottle of "Full Synthetic".

When the oil showed up, the 5 quart jug that was delivered was labelled QS Full Synthetic. The one quart bottle that was delivered was still labelled as QS Ultimate Durability.

However, the date on the containers indicates that they were both bottled in the same week in April of 2021. So, it appears that a lot of it is labelling issues that are being caused by QS. It appears that they're going to use up the old labels on the one quart bottles, regardless of the confusion that it may cause.
No worries. QSUD is QSFS and QSFS is QSUD. One in the same... only a name change.

It's really great oil. Before Kirkland came onto the scene, I ran this for a long time in my Silverado.

With my poor, full-career USAF hearing, I could barely tell my 5.3L engine was running with QSUD in its gullet. It's amazing what a large slug of moly will do.
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QSUD is now Quaker State Full Synthetic.
Yeah I was looking for Quaker state ultimate durability as I know there's a regular synthetic and then the ultimate durability but with API SP both Pennzoil and Quaker state shuffled a lot of things around. All Quaker state ultimate durability is now just called quaker state synthetic and the regular Quaker state synthetic from before appears to have been re bottled as Pennzoil full synthetic a black and gold bottle that didn't exist before and Pennzoil platinum euro lx 0w-30 got discontinued and re bottled as Quaker state euro LX 0w-30.

Does anyone know if Pennzoil platinum and Quaker state ultimate durability or now just Quaker state synthetic are both the same. I've heard people say that qsud is just cheaper Pennzoil platinum as it's the exaxt same base stock but never saw evidence. But it wouldn't be crazy to believe. Quaker state euro 5w-40 appears to be PP euro 5w-40 just re bottled.