QS must be good stuff

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Sep 4, 2003
Central Arkansas
I pulled apart the 283 V8 from my Dad's old Chevy truck today. And the motor was fairly waxed up inside but not to bad for a 40 year old motor that has never been apart. It only has 168,000 miles on it, and has done a lot of sitting over the years. The bearings are pitted from the sitting and neglect the past 10 years without the oil being changed. I has only had QS HD 30 and 10W30 super blend. The reason it had to come apart is because it had a sunk exhaust valve in each head. The block and crank measure out to be standard. Quaker State must be good stuff after all.
Quaker State is the second in US sales to only Pennz. It's one of the least talked about oil on this board.

I live in northern MN and tried the new Quaker State Winter Blend this year. Loved the way my old Cadillac loved it and loved the way it poured at -25F. It realy poured more like a synthetic than a blend.
Not open for further replies.