Purple Power Glass Cleaner

Jun 15, 2010
I’ve had these greasy spots on my 2018 Hyundai windshield ever since I bought it new and I’ve never been able to remove them. Either the dealership got some silicone overspray on the windshield, or the $4 car wash I went to a few times after purchase got tire shine on the windshield.

Either way, the spots were creating terrible blurry vision when using the wipers. Nighttime driving in the rain was downright scary. I Googled and tried everything to remove the spots. In the garage I have a bottle of Purple Power Glass Cleaner that has to be 15 years old at least. I don’t remember buying it, I’ve never ever used it before, but it has been on my chemicals shelf for years. It’s so old that the clear plastic bottle has turned opaque beige and is very fragile.

I cleaned the windshield today with the Purple Power and I’m pleased to say that the spots are gone. Today has been a rainy day in Dallas and the spots are gone, and rainy nighttime driving is no longer a hazard. For anyone with greasy spots on your windshield from possible silicone overspray, give this a try!

*Disclaimer. I have no idea where to buy it. I checked online and can’t find any retailers that sell it.
Jun 12, 2020
SW Missouri
I have real good luck with the blue and white can of Sprayway glass cleaner. That’s actually what we sold at a truck dealer when I worked there. I also use it when I install new decal kits on equipment such as forklifts and man lifts.


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
It’s pretty cheap. Around $3 for a can at a truck dealer and our local Oreillys carries it too but a couple dollars more.
I use it and really like Sprayway. I purchase it at Wal mart and Home Depot.

Thanks for the purple power recommendation- will be keeping my eye out for a bottle to try.