PowerStop Pad Rotor Kit?

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Oct 13, 2008
The Old North State
Looking at this Front Brake Kit at Rock Auto for 09 Equinox 3.4L. Opinions on this kit? Other options include Centric Premium rotors (higher priced) and Power Stop ceramic pads. Raybestos rotors reasonably priced this application but don't know about quality. Any other suggestions? Must be ceramic pads. It's a daily driver and while I'm not looking to cheap out, not looking for top of line price either. Looking for a serviceable set of pads and rotors for this vehicle. The Powerstop kit ~$100, in the range of desired price point. Thanks. http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=4661433&cc=1442778&jsn=458&jsn=458
NO experience myself, but when searching for options for my Mustang I determined the Autospecialty kit was not ideal. Seemed to get markedly lower reviews than the regular Powerstop kits.
I used one of these powerstop kits. It was fine for a daily driver (98 toyota avalon) for years.
I used the Powersstop Z23 (I think?) kit on my Liberty and it's been great. I've ran it about a year/10k miles.
The Z23 series out of my wheelhouse price wise for this old daily driver with ~90k+ miles on the clock. The topic PS Autospecialty more what I had in mind, something on OE level. But I appreciate the feedback. Probably need to order parts today. Any alternative pads or rotors suggestions welcome. I'm still searching through choices at RA.
I was going to ask the exact same question last week and never got around to it. Thanks for doing so. $75 for two rotors and a set of ceramic pads (for the back of my Accord) is hard to beat but I couldn't determine for sure if the rotors were zinc coated like their other ones were. I assumed not.
The cheapo Centric rotors seem to get decent reviews. One of the guys on here likes them and they haven't rusted yet while living in the rust belt. I'd give those a whirl for rotors.
I had issues with a powerstop front kit on an M3, they took around 150 miles to feel right and break in 100%, like the corrosion coating wasn't coming off and it had serious fade. He actually came back and we put OE quality stuff on, and he was able to return it.
Went a little higher end than the topic PowerStop kit I think, but not top of the line. I ordered the Wagner Black E-Coat rotors from Amazon. Even after tax were ~$13 less than RA with lowest cost shipping. I have Prime so two day ship. Wagner Black E Coat Rotors Also ordered Centric PosiQuiet pads, these from RA. Mostly went with RA because Amazon had 1-2 delay in ship and need them on hand for Monday. Only worked out a few bucks more with RA two day express. Son just put the PosiQuiet on his Q7, so thought I'd give them a try. No idea coo of either I'll post pics of the rotors and pads after they arrive. Thanks for the replies.
Get coated rotors which help stop rust. Non-coated rotors rust within hours. Centric Premium and Wagner E-coated are the best rotors to get. However, you may also like the Dura-Go coated rotors, which are about $10 less than Centric. For pads, get Wagner OEX or Akebono ASP (Strangely, for your car, Akebono's ASP pads are actually cheaper than the ProACT pads) I included Wagner OEX because they ship from the same warehouse as the rotors, but the Akebono ASP is probably a better pad. DuraGo BR90032002 (rotors) Wagner OEX1264 (pads) If you can, have them shipped to your work. Commercial addresses have MUCH lower shipping costs!
^^^^That's good to read BF. The Centric Premium Disc with black center was in the running too. But read one anecdotal review here recently that wasn't great so thought I'd give the Wagners a try instead.
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Son just put the PosiQuiet on his Q7, so thought I'd give them a try. No idea coo of either.
They are usually Thailand, Indonesia or China.
Put PowerStop truck/tow pads on Callahan slotted rotors … better stopping power and not dusty or rusty …
As noted I could have spent more, but for this ride I think choices are on par or more likely higher than use expectations. As I've never purchased or used either kinda curious to see parts, rotors especially. Last set of rotors I bought standard Wearever's (front) from AAP for a Tacoma. Paired with Wagner TQ's and they've both done great. As an aside, funny to read mention of "Callahan" slotted rotors. Never knew there was a "real" Callahan Parts. Reminds me of the classic (imo) movie Tommy Boy, one of my all time favorites. So many great quotes from that movie.
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