Power Steering Flush ?

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Apr 4, 2008
Hi Guys,

Tranny Flush Done
Coolant - In Progress
Brake In Progress

Now is time for Power Steering Flush Mazda 3 2004 2.3L
Electric Pump - how to do full flush of the system ?

I was trying to drain stuff from reservoir but i Guess its not best solution ?

Just empty out the power steering resevoir everytime you do an oil change or every second time and refill. This way you will always have fresh fluid in use all the time.
Hi Stev,

So is fluid circulating ?
I was thinking that its like Brake Fluid...
No it's always circulating... At least in a belt driven pump, not sure about an electric one.

It doesn't suffer from the same sort of breakdown as the brake system, but it does break down eventually so changing out the reservoir every/other oil change is more than enough to keep it fresh.

My '95 beater Neon still has original brake fluid and power steering and it's gross and I'm afraid of changing it for fear of leaks... Beside it's a beater @ 13 years old and has 160K KM and classic peeling paint on it.

So no worries changing yours out at oil changes will be more than enough protection...
I prefer to flush all of mine. Either method is a means to the same end as Steve likes to use the drain and fill approach. The only real difference is that the flush accomplishes this all at one time. The important thing is that you are even changing it. Most people would be like, "you have to change p/s fluid!!???,NO way!"
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An electric pump may not circulate constantly, but it does circulate.
So a turkey baster flush is very good.
Just drive it between flushes.
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