Post your latest battery replacement.

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Aug 27, 2004
Katy, Republic of Texas
Figured why not get one of these started in this forum as well.

2004 Hyundai Sonata.
119,000 miles on vehicle, 39,xxx miles/52 months on battery

Out: OEM Hyundai battery*

In: Walmart Everstart Maxx 124R (Johnson Controls/Clarios made)

* - This was actually the battery out of my wife's 2018 Santa Fe.
See spoiler for more info.

Yesterday morning, my wife was leaving for her mothers house for a few days, and when she went to start the Santa Fe, it just clicked.
We have had no issues with the battery to this point, was last driven the day before.
I knew it was probably getting close to time to replace because of age (anything above 4 years in Texas heat is good).
Since she was needing to leave, and I had a working 124R battery in my son's Sonata, it was just easier and faster to grab that battery and put it in her vehicle to get her going. Easy swap out.

Checked the battery on the workbench, said 12.4v. Put it on a 10 amp charger for a few hours. When it showed charged, installed it in the Sonata.
Started and ran fine. Was showing 12.55 volts after starting and shutting down. Son ran a few errands, started several times with no issues.
He got home and it sat for a few hours; I went to move it, and it barely started. Voltage was 10.4! Answers that question. New battery time.

Since the Sonata is a "beater" car for the kid, decided to just go for the cheapest replacement (which for the 124r was $120 at Walmart).

The battery I put in the Santa Fe is a Delco battery that is about 2 or so years old.
It has been discharged 2x since we got it (auto headlight sometimes turned the parking lights on after shutting down), but sits about 12.5v after a day or so of sitting. Will replace that in a bit with a Deka made 124R (or may just go grab one from Batteries Plus right now with the 20% discount and $10 rebate).
1999 Taurus

Out: Walmart lawn tractor battery,

In: Champion junk yard battery,
I just replaced 2 batteries between May-July 2022.
1) in the Firebird in my signature with a DieHard RED dual terminal. Part # 35/75-2
2) for the battery backup sump pump in my basement with a DieHard Marine/Deep Cycle. Part # M24-3
The links say down for maintenance but they still show the battery's.

If the 8 yr old OE battery(MFG date OCT 2014) in the "15 Altima(Built 10-2014) in my signature gives me any trouble before this winter, I'll be replacing it as well. However, I do keep a battery maintainer on it.
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All in the last 4 months. I would have replaced them all at one time but the supply chain being what it is....

Lexus -
Out: WM EverStart Maxx 24F
In: WM EverStart Maxx 24F
Legend -
Out: WM EverStart Maxx 24F
In: WM Everstart Value 24F
Camaro -
Out: Sears Die Hard Silver 75 (16 years old)
In: WM Everstart Value 75
Safari -
Out: WM EverStart Maxx 78
In: WM EverStart Value 78
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