Porsche Cayenne -Blower motor ?

Apr 2, 2005
SC Coast
2014 Porsche Cayanne - Blower seems to have stopped working completely

no air at all . Was going to replace blower motor unless any other ideas. Fuse is good
got the new blower swapped out and it fixed the issue. wasn't too bad of a job. thanks for the help

this youtube video was helpful if anyone else has this issue
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so I have lost air again. the fix Lasted a couple weeks and now nothing? Is it likely the new motor has already failed? (it was an inexpensive aftermarket motor) or do You think I have some other issue going on?
Step 1: Remove blower motor
Step 2: Test blower motor by connecting directly to car battery, or some other 12V source capable of powering the fan.

You should have done this with the old one before replacing it.

Alternate method involves testing the blower motor in place by unplugging and wiring directly to the battery.
First gen Q7 is the same. I wouldn’t bother with a cheep one get a genuine part fitted so it’s got 2 years warranty
Sounds like you’ve got the right part. Ive used an aftermarket motor once before and it had a whine to it that the oem did not. Besides that it was way cheaper and worked great. For me, if I were to replace it on my own DD, I’d stay high-end on the aftermarket or just go oem.
Replaced with another aftermarket this time which is around $80. If it fails again i will go with the genuine VW which looks to be about $250 vs the $400 porsche motor

at least the labor isnt very difficult
Lasted 1 day and not working again. Going to try genuine vw part unless any other suggestions. Not sure what else to try
Crazy. Have you tried putting power to these motors when they fail to see if it’s really the motor? Could it be an electronic controller overheating and tapping out?
I might go ahead and pull this one and try to test The plug has 4 prongs. any idea which one to power and ground?


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